Three Minute Thesis®

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland.The exercise challenges research degree students to present a compelling oration on their thesis/dissertation topic and its significance in just three minutes using just one slide.  3MT® develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and supports the development of research students' capacity to explain their research effectively in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.


The contest is a forum for graduate students at OSU to share their scholarly or research endeavors.  Entries must be related to your graduate thesis or dissertation. 



Three Minute Thesis


Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.


College-level competitions:

  • 1st - $100


OSU FInals Competition

  • 1st - $1,000
  • 2nd - $750
  • 3rd - $500
  • People's Choice Award - $250

Registration is closed.



Eligibility: Current OSU thesis masters and doctoral students can participate at any stage of their progression towards earning their degree prior to graduation.


Reminder: Please consult your academic advisor prior to submitting your work for this competition!


Deadline for initial entry submissions: 5:00 p.m. (central time) on Friday, January 24. Space in the preliminary competitions may be limited so please register early to have the best chance to participate. 



Initial preliminary 3MT® competitions will be held at the department or school-level and/or at the disciplinary college-level. At the department or school-level, your 3MT® presentation may be either an uploaded prerecorded video or an in-person presentation depending on the requirements of your department, school, or college. Finalists from the department and/or school level will be selected by a single three to five person, non-faculty judging panel. The finalists will move to the disciplinary college-level competition using an in-person presentation format and similar judging panel composition. Finalists from the disciplinary college-level competitions will be invited to make presentations at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 10 at the Little Union Theater located in the OSU-Stillwater Student Union.  Finalists will have three minutes to make their presentations with their PowerPoint ™ slide to an audience.


Judging Criteria
Each of the three judging criteria has equal weight. Note what each criterion has in common: an emphasis on the audience.

  • Communication style: was the thesis topic and its significance communicated in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience?
  • Comprehension: did the presentation help the audience understand the research?
  • Engagement: did the oration make the audience want to know more?

Time and Date of Oral Presentations of the Finalists: 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 10 at the Little Union Theater located in the OSU-Stillwater Student Union. Presentations are open to the public. Please invite your friends and program faculty to observe.


Finalists will be showcased on OSTATE.TV

The first 3MT® was held at The University of Queensland in 2008 with 160 students competing. Enthusiasm for the 3MT® concept grew and its adoption by numerous universities led to the development of an international competition in 2010.


The second annual 3MT® at OSU was held in April 2014 in conjunction with Graduate Education Week.  The winners, their departments, and the title of their presentations were:
First Place ($1,000)Amanda Curtis, animal science, MS candidate, “Using innate immunity to Fight Off Infections Without the Use of Antibiotics”
Second Place ($750)Brittany Bolt, biomedical sciences, PhD candidate, “The Battle Against Chronic Pain”
Third Place ($500)Christian Tormos, chemical engineering, PhD candidate, “Regenerating Your Heart”
People’s Choice award ($250)Courtney Cowley, agricultural economics, PhD candidate, “Green Milk and Ham: The Economics of Converting a ‘Waste’ into a Resource”

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Oklahoma State University Graduate College held its inaugural 3MT® competition July 2013 with forty participants in the preliminary round and twelve finalists. The event was greeted with enthusiasm from both participants and the audience. The five winners were selected with each winner receiving a monetary prize.

The winners, their departments, and the title of their presentations were:
First Place ($1,000)Ali Asmari, Mechanical & Areospace Engineering, “Estimating Impurities to Recycle Combustion Residue”
Second Place ($750)Medhavi Ambardar, Zoology, “Angry Birds and Prudent Parents”
Third Place ($500 each) – tie – Shanshan Cai, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, “Lifetime of Pipe Insulation Around Cold Surfaces”, and Shaun McCoshum, Zoology, “Are Insect Pollinators and Wild Plants Affected by Canola Production”
People’s Choice award ($250) Cynthia Dobbs, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, “Toads, Molds and Automobiles”

View the OSU 2013 3MT® Finalists Presentations

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Read about the 2013 winners in OSU News


Your Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Presentation: Planning for Presenting on What You Do as a Graduate Student and How It Matters by Brad Rickelman, Meridian Technology Center for Business Development (video presentation)

Making the Most of Your Three Minutes by Simon Clews, University of Melbourne (PDF document)

2014 OSU 3MT® College Competitions

Spears School of Business
    9:00 AM Friday March 7            435 Business Building


College of Education
    3:00 PM Tuesday March 11        313 Classroom Building


College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology                 
9:30 AM Thursday March 13        102 Advanced Technology Research Center


College of Human Sciences
7:00 PM Thursday March 13         Browsing Room, Edmon Low Library


College of Arts and Sciences  
6:30 PM Monday March 24        103 Life Science West    


Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
    7:00 PM Thursday March 27        263 McElroy Hall


Center for Health Sciences
    12 noon Friday March 28            D-107 Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa


College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
    7:00 PM  Tuesday April 1                101 Ag Hall

Graduate College Finals                
    7:00 PM Thursday April 10        Student Union Little Theater