Thesis and Dissertation Templates

Here we have included several templates to help you on your way to completing Thesis/Dissertation.

Template's User Guide (PDF)


Templates for MS-Word       


Signature (approval) page template One approval page, with original advisory committee signatures on plain white paper, must be submitted to the Graduate College. (Because there are no committee signatures on the electronic document this page serves as the documentation of the research committee's approval of the thesis/dissertation.) The paper copy should have the Student Name and CWID typed at the top; do not include the name and CWID on the version that is submitted on line.


Abstract Template - Please submit one abstract, printed on regular paper, to the Graduate College (it does not need to be printed on OSU thesis bond paper any longer). The format must adhere to the approved OSU guidelines. This abstract will be used for the university's records.


Abstract template


Specific Instructions for MS-Word


Templates for LaTeX
For information and instructions about Latex, Click Here.