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OSU Graduate College Digital Badges-your future by 360 degrees of critical skills acquisition

Earning your graduate degree requires mastering many discipline-specific concepts and skills. But what about the non-discipline specific skills such as public speaking, time and financial management, and community leadership that you will need to be successful in your life and career?

The OSU Graduate College Digital Badge program jointly sponsored with the Edmon Low Library can help you acquire and demonstrate your mastery of diverse critical success skills important to your future life and career success. Digital badges are microcredentials commonly used for certifying skill acquisition in gaming and technology and more recently for higher education. Once earned, digital badges can be displayed on your Linked-In or other professional electronic portfolios, resumes or curriculum vitae to demonstrate the critical success skills you have mastered.

OSU Graduate Digital Badge Competencies and Levels

There are six critical success skills competencies: Communications, Instruction, Research Services, Management, Leadership, and Wellness. For each competency, there are three levels of accomplishment.

Skills acquisition events, activities, or workshops at Level 1 are considered entry level, experiential at Level 2, and mastery at Level 3.

Digital Badges can be earned in each competency at each level.

Earn a Level 1 Digital Badge in a particular competency by completing two Level 1 events, activities, or workshops in that competency.

Earn a Level 2 Digital Badge in a particular competency by completing two Level 2 events, activities, or workshops in that competency.

Earn a Level 3 Digital Badge in a particular competency by completing one Level 3 event, activity, or workshop in that competency.

Earn a Graduate College Digital Badge in a particular competency by earning Level1, 2 and 3 Digital Badges in that competency.

Earn the Graduate Dean’s Certificate and “360” Critical Success Skills Badge by earning Graduate College Digital Badges in 4 of the 6 competency skill sets.


Skills acquisition for communications involves clear, concise, and engaging speaking and writing for both public and specialists audiences.

          Level 1 Examples

                       Three Minute Thesis/Presentation Training
                       Thesis Writing Workshop

         Level 2 Examples

                       Participation in Three Minute Thesis/Presentation Competition
                       Scholarly & professional meeting presentations

         Level 3 Examples

                      Submission of grant application for external funding
                      Dissertation Writing Workshop
                      Submission of scholarly manuscript for publication



Skills acquisition for instruction involves an understanding of learning modes and instructional strategies to best communicate information, concepts and understandings to students.

           Level 1 Examples

                         Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Training
                         GTA Orientation

            Level 2 Examples       

                        ITLE Professional Development Workshops
                        Service as a Graduate Teaching Assistant

            Level 3 Examples      

                         External review of teaching
                         ITLE Instructional Design Consultation
                         Serve as an ITLE Graduate Teaching Mentor

Research Services

Skills acquisition for research services involves understanding information concepts and use of technologies to support research endeavors.

               Level 1 Examples        

                         Literature Review Research Made Easier

  Level 2 Examples       

                        Geographic Information Systems Workshop

  Level 3 Examples     

                        Creating a Data Management Plan


Skills acquisition for management involves understanding and applying techniques for the best use of time and finances as well as successful development of relationships and careers.

Level 1 Examples       

             Create a Linked-In Profile
             Create an OSU Hire System Profile 

Level 2 Examples       

            Attend an OSU Career Service Workshop
           Complete a budget using GradSense
Compete a TIAA Starting Your Financial Life Module

Level 3 Examples       

          Complete a Career Services Consultant to review your professional documents
          Participate in Mock Interview Day


Skills acquisition for leadership involve engaging one’s self in community and professional organizations and development of leadership skills.

Level 1 Examples       

           Complete Sexual Harassment/ Violence Training
          Attend an OSU Center for Ethical Leadership event or activity

            Level 2 Examples      

            Serve as a GPSGA Representative in Good Standing
           Participate in an Ethical Leadership Curricular or Co-curricular Path Program           

            Level 3 Examples      

           Serve on the GPSGA Executive Board
           Serve as an officer for regional or national student disciplinary or service organization


Skills acquisition for wellness involves understanding the basis for wellness through good nutrition and exercise as well as healthy relationships and habits.

Level 1 Examples       

Participate in a Department of Wellness intramural sport
Complete a Student Health Risk Assessment

Level 2 Examples      

Participate in a Colvin Center or Seretean Wellness Center Program
American Red Cross Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation & Automatic External Defibrillator Certification

Level 3 Examples      

Organize an OSU Certified Healthy Department initiative for your graduate program
Organize a Department of Wellness intramural sports team for your graduate program


A complete list of the many Level 1 through Level 3 events, activities and workshops in the six critical success skill competencies can be found at:


How do I register for and earn Graduate Digital Badges?

Events, activities and workshops with digital badge credit will state this in their solicitation or promotion, and you can access a complete list at the Edmon Low Library Digital Badge portal: You can also register for most Graduate Digital Badge events, activities or workshops on the Edmon Low Library Digital Badge portal. However, some units which offer digital badge events, activities and workshops will have registration pages on their websites. In either case, the official place where you can view digital badges is your Graduate Digital Badge Moodle account accessed from the Edmon Low Library Digital Badge portal. If you have completed a digital badge event, activity, or workshop, you will have an account on the Moodle site that you use your Okstate email address as your login name and your Okey password as your password.

To earn a Level 1, 2 or 3 Graduate Digital Badge in a particular competency, login into your Moodle account and complete the Digital Badge application. The administrator will review your digital badge account to confirm that you have completed the necessary Level 1, 2 or 3 digital badge credits and award you your digital badge. The digital badge can then be exported to your electronic portfolio.