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April Graduate Education Advocate: Institutional Research & Information Management

Monday, April 27, 2020

The April Graduate Education Advocate is Institutional Research & Information Management (IRIM) at OSU. IRIM Assistant Director Larry Burns and GRA Jaya Bhatia are pictured above.

You may not always know how they are impacting your program, school, or the university as a whole, but don’t worry, this month’s Graduate College Advocate is at work behind the scenes.

The Institutional Research and Information Management (IRIM) office is responsible for providing information to decision makers across OSU’s campuses, as well as to organizations such as the Council of Graduate Schools which advocate for graduate education and graduate students on a national level.

On campus, “IRIM has shifted to providing not just data, but information in the form of dashboards, analytics and predictive modeling that can be used to foster a more data informed culture across the university,” IRIM Assistant Director, Larry Burns, said.

“And even a step beyond this, our office strives to help educate institutional stakeholders to understand data and the insights they can derive from our information, which can then be used for institutional improvement.”

IRIM has collaborated in several behind the scenes projects including benchmarking graduate teaching and research assistant (GTA/GRA) salaries against peers. They help us identify enrollment trends and track graduate students from across the OSU system. This aids in a variety of ways from improving academic programs to providing the required data to support grant submissions that can directly impact training opportunities for our students.

“IRIM develops innovative reports and seeks to meet the needs of our unique population in displaying and analyzing data,” Julie Cunningham, Manager of Graduate Admission Processes, said. “Larry has not only supported our unique data requests, but he has also provided invaluable support as we transitioned to a new application system. He helps connect people across the multiple systems at OSU, increasing collaboration and depth of understanding,” Cunningham went on to say.

Because of these types of collaborations with IRIM, the Graduate College has been able to make necessary and timely decisions that best fit the needs of our diverse student population.

These are just a few of the ways that IRIM impacts graduate education at OSU and why they are the featured Graduate Advocate for the month of April. 

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