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Oklahoma State University

3MP Overview

Three Minute Presentation (3MP) Competition for Non-thesis Master’s, Specialist and Graduate Certificate Students

The importance of graduate degree holders being able to explain what they do and its relevance to society in an engaging and concise manner has been identified by business leader as a crucial skill they seek in prospective employees. The Three Minutes Thesis (3MT®)  has been used with great success to train OSU research master’s and doctoral students in this skill, and for the first time last year, non-thesis master’s, specialist and graduate certificate students developed the same communication skills in the Three Minute Presentation (3MP) competition.

What is a 3MP Talk?

The topic of the presentation must be directly related to the graduate degree discipline program being sought (e.g., a non-thesis English MA student can speak on English grammar or another topic relevant to English, but not on the history of English monarchy or some topic that more appropriately the area of another academic discipline). The topic can be about the discipline in general; a particular course or courses required for the discipline; discipline understanding or concept; or a study or project that the student is (has) participated in. It is not a “who am I” talk.

Cash prizes will be awarded at the preliminary rounds and OSU Finals.