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Oklahoma State University


Doctorate candidates and all faculty should assemble by college at the Pistol Pete statue (northwest end of Gallagher-Iba) and master's candidates should meet in the practice gym (south side of Gallagher-Iba) on Friday at 6:15 p.m. Signs for each college will be posted.  For doctorate candidates, we have a PowerPoint slide presentation explaining the commencement process. Please download it to your computer to view.

Faculty advisors of master's candidates are encouraged to attend the ceremony and should also assemble by the Pistol Pete statue.

All degree candidates who register by the graduation application deadline will have a pre-printed name card. The cards will be available in the assembly areas. Keep the card with you until you are ready to cross the stage. At that time, hand the completed card to the reader's assistant who will be on the stage.

Faculty marshals will be present to assemble candidates into lines for the processional.

Graduates and faculty will be ushered into the arena and seated. During the processional, please go into the rows as directed by the Ushers. The candidate processional will begin at approximately 6.40 pm.

Doctoral degree recipients carry their hoods (unbuttoned) on their left arm. Doctoral advisors, together with the College Dean, will hood their doctoral candidates. Another designated university official will assist in the hooding of doctoral candidates whose advisor is not present.

Master's degree recipients wear their hoods as they enter the arena.

After the candidates have been presented on stage, they should exit the stage and return to their original seats. 

To ensure that all candidates are appropriately recognized for their achievement, guests are not allowed on the arena floor.