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Syllabus Templates for thesis (5000) and dissertation (6000) courses

Optional Modular Syllabus Template for Developing Syllabi for Thesis (5000) and Dissertation (6000) Research Courses

This optional modular syllabus template can be used to develop a more specific syllabus for your MS thesis or PhD dissertation research students. There are many advantages to using a syllabus for 5000 or 6000 courses. Syllabi help you and your students develop, achieve and assess specific objectives for each semester that the student is enrolled in research courses. The syllabus communicates in a written form your expectations for the student and serves as a document of these expectations and evaluation (grading) policies should questions arise. In addition, students may not understand the grading policy and consequences of poor performance in research courses, both of which are explicitly stated in the syllabus template.

How to use this template: The template provides all of the necessary components for a syllabus for 5000 or 6000 research courses in modular format. You can fill-in the headings with verbiage specific for you or your student’s needs or use or modify the optional verbiage provided. You may wish to leave some standard-language aspects of the syllabus template unedited, i.e., Grading Procedure, UR or IUR grades, Academic Integrity and Acknowledgement of Syllabus Provisions. If you have suggestions for improving the template, please contact us at