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Oklahoma State University

Final Deadlines for Spring Graduates

  • Final Deadlines for Spring Graduates: Any student completing a formal report must submit an original “wet ink” copy of their Formal Report Approval form directly to 202 Whitehurst by May 11th.

Students planning on graduating this May must review the Graduation Checklist. In order for degrees to be awarded, students must meet enrollment requirements, have a final approved plan of study, approved graduation clearance, active graduation application and have successfully completed all the required coursework. The Graduate College will start graduation checks after the semester has ended. We will contact you by email if there is anything else required. Even if you have completed all of the Graduate College graduation requirements you also need to apply to graduate with the Registrar.  If you have not done so yet you have until Friday, May 11th.

In addition, students completing a thesis or dissertation should have already submitted their Oral Defense Results, Signature Approval Page and Online Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Document. Documents submitted past a deadline may not be processed in time for a degree to be awarded for the effective term.  Any requested revisions to the final document submission must be completed promptly. Remember that the submission process is not complete until you have received an email confirming your document has been accepted, and the process may take several weeks beyond the end of the semester.

Please review our new “Frequently Asked Questions” link at Feel free to email with any further questions. 

Summer Enrollment Guidelines:

The Graduate College receives many questions from students and faculty/staff about the number of hours that students need to take in the summer. Summer enrollment encompasses any courses completed during the May, June, July, or June/July sessions. EVERY STUDENT SHOULD PRINT a copy of his/her class schedule to ensure accuracy in enrollment. It is the responsibility of the student to verify correct enrollment. Mistakes due to student error may not be corrected after the final deadline for enrollment. To be considered full time in the summer, a domestic or international student needs to be enrolled in at least three (3) hours. However, a student with an assistantship must be enrolled in at least two (2) hours to be considered full time. In the summer semester during which a student intends to graduate, a student who does not hold an assistantship or who does not need to be declared full time must be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) credit hours.

Please note, students must enroll in research, thesis, or dissertation hours, as appropriate, during each semester in which they are involved in research leading to a thesis or dissertation, irrespective of the number of credit hours of such courses either required or permitted for the degree. Furthermore, use of physical or faculty resources of the University is only allowed for students enrolled in at least two hours

The maximum hours in which students may enroll for each summer session varies based on the session in which they are enrolled. The total maximum number of hours allowed for all summer sessions combined is nine (9). Any exceptions to this policy must be petitioned to the Graduate College.  Students may enroll in no more than three (3) credit hours during the May session. Students may enroll in no more than four (4) credit hours during the June or July session.