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Oklahoma State University

GRAD 5082

Individuals scoring 21 or below on the speaking section of the iBT, or 6.5 or below on the speaking portion of the IELTS can consider enrolling in GRAD 5082* to prepare for the ITA examination.  GRAD 5082* is a two credit hour, letter graded course.

GRAD 5082* ITA Training - Oral Proficiency. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Communication strategies and oral skills necessary for international teaching assistants. This course focuses on academic spoken language.  By focusing on the language of academic interactions both in and out of the classroom, the course helps non-native speakers of English to acquire the communication skills they will need to participate successfully in university interactions with instructors and fellow students.

Students who earn a "B" grade are eligible to take the ITA exam. This course can be listed on a student’s plan of study but is not eligible to fulfill minimum degree requirements. This course is eligible for the graduate assistantship tuition waiver program.