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Oklahoma State University

GRAD 5092

Individuals who are assigned to instructional duties and who receive a provisional pass on the ITA examination must enroll in GRAD 5092*.  The two credit hour, letter graded course emphasizes language and teaching skills specifically related to classroom management, such as asking and answering questions appropriately, preparing and using visuals, appropriate levels of language, and techniques to improve total comprehensibility. As part of the class work for this course, students prepare various types of presentations which they give to the class and which may be video-taped. The instructor and the student view the tapes together in individual tutorials.

GRAD 5092* ITA Training - Presentation Skills. Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Prepares students for the ITA test. Topics include communication strategies, organization of topic, presentation skills. Students will practice making presentations in class.

Students who earn a "B" grade are eligible to take the ITA exam. This course can be listed on a student’s plan of study but is not eligible to fulfill minimum degree requirements. This course is eligible for the graduate assistantship tuition waiver program.