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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistant/Associate (GRA)

Graduate Researcher

A Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) must be admitted to and meet the requirements of the Graduate College, be fully admitted to a graduate degree program, enrolled, and be under the supervision of an appropriate graduate faculty member.  GRAs are provided a stipend and their primary responsibilities are to provide general support to the University's research mission.  These responsibilities may or may not relate directly to the student's thesis or dissertation.  Duties of the GRA primarily involve applying and mastering research concepts, practices, or methods of scholarship.  Services provided by a GRA may include: assisting faculty members in a research or creative activity; performing degree-related professional or administrative services that supports research, instruction, professional development, or outreach missions of the University; developing and evaluating instructional materials or curricula; or assuming responsibility for designated scholarly endeavors.

“Performing degree-related professional or administrative services” does not include jobs that are outside of the student's field of study.