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Oklahoma State University


Judges will be selected from the community and university staff, but may not hold a faculty appointment. Judging criteria are:

Comprehension & Content

Did the presentation help you understand the topic:
     Question or issue & its significance?

     Key issues, conclusions & outcomes?

Did the presentation:  

     Have a clear, logical sequence?
     Communicate to a non-specialist?
     Avoid jargon?
     Adequately illustrate points?

     Have adequate time for each element of the presentation?

Engagement & Communication

Did the presenter:

     Make you want to know more?
     Have a Powerpoint that was clear, legible & concise?
     Not trivialize or generalize their topic?
     Make the topic exciting?
     Maintain your attention?
     Maintain appropriate pace?
     Connect with you via stage presence, vocal range, & confident stance?