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Oklahoma State University

Graduate College Advocate - Karen Clement

KarenKaren Clement has spent eight of her 10 years at Oklahoma State University working as the manager of the North Classroom Building where anything that happens is her responsibility. However, she plays an important role in making students’ lives easier with the Student Success Center.

“I manage the center here, which is intended for total student support and to help them with their studies,” Clement said.  “Day in and day out the students come in, it gives them a quiet place to chill out and concentrate on their studies. That’s what we’re known for.”

A native of Eufaula in eastern Oklahoma, Clement worked for the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs before she stepped into her current role. Every day, students walk in and out of the building and many use the Success Center, which has allowed Clement to build meaningful relationships with some.

“I’ve been here long enough to where I have seen them go through the process of starting out and graduating,” Clement said. “I have a lot of regular students who come here all the time that have graduated, and that’s the sad part of my job that they go. But I think that’s what I enjoy the most. That’s the ultimate outcome for all of this, to help people graduate.”

Although Clement works mostly with undergraduate students, during intersessions she assists graduate students and the Graduate College with dissertation workshops. The workshops provide graduate students with the opportunity to work on their dissertations in a supportive writing environment. For Clement, this means providing the Graduate College with materials it may need to hold the workshops like laptops, printing or bigger classrooms.

“Since the center is not being used during that time, it’s an ideal opportunity for them to hold the workshop,” Clement said. “They’ve been able to increase their attendance because we have more space here. So, anything that they need, we can accommodate.”

Clement is happy she can help the Graduate College. She also appreciates the opportunity to build relationships with students who are not the traditional ones who visit the center.

“Karen’s been a great partner for the Graduate College as she works to meet our program and student needs. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to use the Student Success Center in the North Classroom Building, and Karen’s professionalism made sure everything went smoothly,” Dr. Sheryl Tucker, Dean of the Graduate College, said.

“It’s good to have that relationship with the Graduate College,” Clement said. “It’s kind of an added bonus. Some of the graduate students come back during the regular semester, so I do see them. I’ve really enjoyed working with the Graduate College.”