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Oklahoma State University

The Monday Memo: Explained

How do you get information as a grad student?


There is a plethora of events and new things to get accustomed to as you maneuver through graduate studies. Whether you are a new graduate student or graduating soon, there is plenty of information to make your life easier.


But where is it?


The Graduate College puts together a Monday Memo every week to provide need-to-know information as well as ways to de-stress, meet people, develop professionally and engage with the OSU and Stillwater communities. This is our way of providing pertinent information without spamming your email with every notice we get.

To better fit the needs of everyone involved in graduate studies, the Graduate College sends out two versions of the Monday Memo – one geared toward faculty and staff as well as a student-driven version. Questions, regardless of status, you may have including deadline dates and registration forms can be found within the Monday Memo.

If that’s not enough for you to read the Monday Memo, Wally, the Grad College mascot, will be appearing each week to provide avid readers with the opportunity for grad swag as well. And who doesn’t like free stuff? To read past Monday Memos and see what you missed, you can visit the archive here.