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Oklahoma State University


Students will compete at their unit and/or college-level first. Cash prizes are awarded at the college-level:
College-level 3MT® competitions:
1st - $300
2nd -$200
3rd - $100
People's Choice Award - $300
First place winners (and second place winners from the two colleges with the most college-level 3MT® competitors) will advance to compete in the OSU 3MT® Finals. Cash prizes are awarded at the OSU Finals:
OSU Finals 3MT® Competition
1st - $1,000
2nd - $750
3rd - $500
People's Choice Award - $1,000
The top four place winners and the People’s Choice winner will compete in the annual President’s Fellows Three Minute Challenge (3MC) which will have thesis master’s and doctoral students compete against non-thesis master’s, education specialist and graduate certificate student winners of the Three Minute Presentation (3MP) competition.
OSU Presidential Fellows 3MC 
Grand Prize — First Place $2,000
Grand Prize — Second Place $1,500
Grand Prize — Third Place  $1,000
Grand Prize — People’s Choice $2,000