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Outstanding Graduate Coordinator/Support Staff Awards

Spring 2017 Graduate College
Outstanding Graduate Coordinator/Support Staff Awards
faculty, unit heads, associate deans and deans are encouraged to facilitate nominations

The OSU Graduate College and Graduate and Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA) announce the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award and Outstanding Graduate Support Staff Award to recognize the exemplary service of the faculty and staff who lead and manage graduate programs. The quality and continuity of the graduate program, as well as the experience of the graduate students in the program, depend in part on the talent and commitment of the graduate coordinators and their support staff. These individuals provide an invaluable service to the University and its community of students, faculty and staff and regularly exceed expectations by making innovative or unique contributions that positively impact the quality of the graduate program and/or student experience. This award is one of the few opportunities available to recognize the incredible contributions to graduate education made by graduate coordinators and support staff.
Awardees will be recognized at an awards ceremony during Graduate Education Week at 3:00 pm on Friday, April 14, 2017. The Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award and the Outstanding Support Staff Award recipients will also receive a $500 cash award and a certificate commemorating the award.
Nominees must have served as graduate coordinator/support staff for a minimum of two years by the award deadline. Nominees may not have been an award recipient in the past ten years.
Nomination Materials
Nominations for the awards may only be initiated by currently enrolled graduate students. Nomination materials should include the following:
  • Letter of nomination from a currently enrolled student
  • Brief letter of support from the department head for either type of award nomination or graduate program coordinator/director for the Outstanding Graduate Support Staff Award
  • Letter of support from at least one additional graduate student who has direct knowledge of nominee's activities and is currently enrolled
Suggested Categories for Students to Consider in their Nominations
  • The nominee's ability to work as an effective advocate for graduate students and graduate causes in the program
  • The nominee's availability/accessibility to graduate students
  • The nominee's ability to work as an effective liaison between graduate students and the graduate adviser and between the graduate program and the Graduate College
  • The nominee's effectiveness in helping students understand policies and procedures governing graduate degrees
  • The nominee's record of preventing, as well as resolving problems
  • The nominee's ability to carry out administrative functions effectively and efficiently
  • The nominee's skills in organization and communication
  • The nominee's record of working with other graduate coordinators and graduate advisers to promote a more efficient and effective administration of the graduate program
Nominations must be submitted electronically as a single pdf file with items in the order listed above to by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

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Award questions should be directed to