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Oklahoma State University

Previous Phoenix Award Winners

Outstanding Master’s Student

1982 Ronald Spanke (Electrical Engineering)
1985 Sandra Brubaker (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)

1986 Gerald Grosz (Agricultural Engineering)
1987 Patricia Inskeep (Plant Pathology)
1988 Kimberley Beaumariage (Industrial Engineering and Management)
1989 Laura Moyer (Accounting)
1990 Susan Routh (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
1991 Tamara Walkingstick (Forestry)
1992 William Focht (Political Science)
1993 George Black (Political Science)
1994 Sue Hokanson (Environmental Science)
1995 Rebecca Czekaj (Family Relations and Child Development)
1996 Danyelle Joens-Tuttle (Applied Behavioral Education Studies)
1997 Danette Goodyear (Physiological Sciences)
1998 Alan Foley (Curriculum and Instruction)
1999 Diane Morton (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
2000 Laurence Pallez (Horticulture)
2001 Krystal Beamon (Sociology)
2002 Holly Evers (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
2003 Jason Ross (Animal Science)
2004 Carisa Ramming (Engineering, Architecture and Technology)
2005 Chia-Ling Khoo (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
2006 Corina Wack (Zoology)
2007 Charles C. Broaddus (Veterinary Clinical Sciences)
2008 Daniel Edmonds (Plant and Soil Sciences)
2009 Amanda Mollet (College Student Development Program
2010 Nazia Tabassum (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
2011 Andrea F. Payne (Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology)
2012 Jared Crain (Plant and Soil Sciences)
2013 Bhavna Sharma (Industrial Engineering and Management)
2015 Nathalia Graf Grachet (Entomology and Plant Pathology)


Outstanding Doctoral Student

1983 Kathryn Jones (Educational Administration and Higher Education)
1984 Pheizheng Zhou (Chemical Engineering)
1985 David Shaw (Agronomy)
1986 Sharon Norton (Animal Science)
1987 Mary Lawler (Family Relations and Child Development)
1988 Louis Perino (Veterinary Parasitology)
1989 Marshall Streeter (Animal Science)
1990 Ashe Hegde-Niezgada (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
1991 David Pratt (Industrial Engineering and Management)
1992 David Farmer (Mathematics)
1993 Bill Hardgrave (Management)
1994 Kent Tate (Environmental Science)
1995 Rami Soufi (Plant Pathology)
1996 Linda Gatti Clark (Botany)
1997 Indrajeet Chaubey (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering)
1998 Javier Mont (Industrial Engineering and Management)
1999 Jennifer Webb (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
2000 Matthew Tueth (Environmental Science)
2001 John Tyner (Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering)
2002 Kenneth Olivier, Jr. (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
2003 Mahesh Mohan (Veterinary Biomedical Sciences)
2004 Christopher Taylor (Human Environmental Sciences)
2005 Jerry F. Husak (Zoology)
2006 Mohamed Chehbouni (Chemistry)
2007 Christopher M. Ray (Educational Psychology)
2008 Shirley Vincent (Environmental Science)
2009 Traci Naile (Ag Education, Communication, and Leadership)
2010 Huiju Park (Design, Housing, and Merchandising)
2011 Ajay Aluri (School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration)
2012 Justin Lack (Zoology)
2013 Amanda West Williams (Human Environmental Sciences)
2015 Juan Ma, (School of Industrial Engineering and Management)

2016 Maegan Scott (Agricultural Education)


Year    Phoenix Award Graduate Faculty Mentor

1985 Dr. Lionel Raff, Chemistry CAS
1986 Dr. James Gentry, Marketing SSB
1987 Dr. George Dixon, Physics CAS
1988 Dr. Mohammed Bibeisi, Architecture CEAT
1988 Dr. Ken Case, Industrial Engineering and Management CEAT
1989 Dr. George Dixon, Physics CAS
1989 Dr. Paul Westhaus, Physics CAS
1990 Dr. James Lawler, Political Science CAS
1991 Dr. Edward Walkiewicz, English CAS
1992 Dr. Charles Fleming, Journalism & Broadcasting CAS
1993 Dr. Anthony Echelle, Zoology CAS
1994 Dr. Thomas Hahn, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering CASNR
1995 Dr. Lynn Williams, Communication Sciences & Disorders CAS
1996 Dr. David Schrader, Psychology CAS
1997 Dr. Barry Moser, Statistics CAS
1998 Dr. Jeffrey Walker, English CAS
1999 Dr. Charlotte Ownby, Physiological Sciences CVHS
2000 Dr. Francis Epplin, Agriculture Economics CASNR
2001 Dr. Jerry Malayer, Physiological Sciences CVHS
2002 Dr. Doren Recker, Philosophy CAS
2003 Dr. Gregory Bell, Horticulture CASNR
2004 Dr. B.Wade Brorsen, Agricultural Economics CASNR
2005 Dr. Manjunath Kamath, Industrial Engineering & Management CEAT
2006 Dr. Ulrich Melcher, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology CASNR
2007 Dr. Lynna J. Ausburn, Teaching & Leadership Curriculum COE
2008 Dr. Edward Jones, English CAS
2009 Dr. Ranga Komanduri, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering CEAT
2010 Dr. Diane Montgomery, Applied Health & Education Psychology COE
2011 Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher, Entomology& Plant Pathology CASNR
2012 Dr. Ramamurthy Mahalingam, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology CASNR
2013 Dr. Lowell Caneday, Applied Health & Education Psychology COE
2014 Dr. Sundar Madihally, Chemical Engineering CEAT
2015 Dr. Jason DeFreitas, School of Applied Health & Education Psychology COE

2016 Dr. Shelia M. Kennison, Psychology CAS