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Oklahoma State University

Wally at Center for Health Sciences

Wally and his new friend in the lab.

Congratulations to Kavina Eksteen for correctly submitting last week’s scramble.

Wally’s adventure took our striped-sleeved friend all the way to Tulsa this past week. While out there, he visited the Center for Health Sciences and got to see the lab and utilize some of the equipment.

On his visit, Wally learned a lot about the center and the people that make it up including Director of Graduate Programs Aaron Christensen, who told Wally something special.

“Something special we appreciate here at the Center for Health Sciences is that the faculty and the students all work together,” Christensen said.

The Center for Health Sciences offers graduate degrees – PhD, master’s and graduate certificates – in athletic training, biomedical sciences, forensic sciences and health care administration and extends faculty accessibility to graduate students as well.

“The students that are on campus have access to all of their faculty because most of the faculty are here all day, every day,” he said.

Building and supplementing the faculty-student relation is also advice Christensen would further express to current graduate students.

“My advice is to maintain contact with your faculty mentor and faculty advisory committee as well as all of your allies in your academic success,” he told Wally.

“So that you are successfully moving forward toward degree completion and being productive in your research along the way.”

For more information on what’s going on at the Center for Health Sciences including the October 19 Three-Minute Thesis Competition and the October 11 Graduate Programs Lunch-n-Learn, visit their website here