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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Council


Graduate Council Chair: Dr. Sheryl Tucker

Graduate Council Vice Chair: Dr. Brenda Smith

Graduate Council is the representative body of the Graduate Faculty which serves as the legislative and executive authority of the Graduate Faculty at OSU. Graduate Faculty are organized into six Subject Matter Groups that include: Group I Biological Sciences, Group II Humanities, Group III Physical Sciences and Technology, Group IV Social Sciences, Group V Education and Group VI Biomedical Sciences. Membership of the Graduate Council is made up of the elected Chair and Vice-chair of each of the respective Subject Matter Groups (listed below). Graduate program affiliation is specified within the Subject Matter Group Bylaws.

Graduate Council Minutes, Agendas, and Bylaws are now available through the Graduate Faculty information on D2L.

Chair:              Dr. Justin Quetone Moss
Vice Chair:      Dr. Brian Arnall
Secretary:       Dr. Deana Hildebrand
Chair:                      Dr. Randi Eldevik
Vice Chair:              Dr. Tonia Sharlach
Secretary:               Dr. Perry Gethner
Chair:                     Dr. Albert Rosenberger
Vice Chair:             Dr. Josh Habiger
Secretary:              Dr. Sundar Madihally
Chair:                     Dr. Rebecca Sheehan
Vice Chair:             Dr. Ajay Sukhdial
Secretary:              Dr. Catherine Curtis
Chair:                     Dr. Doug Smit
Vice Chair:             Dr. Jon Ramsey
Secretary:              Dr. Adrienne Redmond Sanogo
Chair:                     Dr. Tom Oomens
Vice Chair:             Dr. Dave Wallace
Secretary:              Dr. Ashish Ranjan