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Oklahoma State University

Graduation FAQ

  • Determine the semester you intend to graduate and enroll. Review the Masters or Doctoral Graduation Checklist and Graduate College Academic Calendar for deadlines. Be sure to attend a thesis/dissertation workshop or watch the online webinar within your final year.


  • Yes. Although it is only required for students intending to complete a thesis or dissertation, we highly recommend that non-thesis students attend the workshop or watch the guide to graduation for non-thesis students. The workshop and webinar cover vital steps that ALL students must take in order for their degrees to be awarded.


  • Doctoral students must submit an Admission to Doctoral Candidacy form approximately 6 months before their intended graduation date. All students need to review their plan of study and submit necessary revisions, submit graduation clearance and apply to graduate. Students intending to complete a thesis or dissertation must submit an Oral Defense Results form, Thesis or Dissertation final document and Signature Approval page.


  • Students must submit their Plans of Study, Graduation Clearance and Committee Changes through Graduate College Round Up. Students must apply to graduate through Student Self Services after graduation clearance is approved by the Graduate College. Students must submit original “wet ink” copies of Admission to Doctoral Candidacy, Oral Defense Results form and Signature Approval Page directly to the Graduate College (202 Whitehurst.) Thesis and Dissertation documents will be submitted electronically through a link provided by the Graduate College upon reviewing Oral Defense Results forms.


  • Once you have determined your intended semester of graduation, please review the Graduate College Academic Calendar for important deadlines.


  • Documents are processed in the order received. Students who submit their documents by the priority deadline will be processed first. This allows students more time to work on revisions that may be requested by the Graduate College.
  • The Graduate College will accept documents submitted after the posted deadline. However, there is no guarantee that your documents will be processed in time for your degree to be awarded for the intended term. Any exception must be justified and approved through the Graduate College. 



  • Yes. Students may attend the commencement ceremony in which they desire to walk. However, your name will only appear in the commencement program if you apply to graduate by the posted deadline. See Graduate College Academic Calendar.




  • Your name will only appear in the commencement program if you apply to graduate by the posted deadline. See Graduate College Academic Calendar. Please note, graduation clearance must be approved by the Graduate College before you can apply to graduate.



  • The Graduate College will start reviewing thesis and dissertation documents after the priority deadline for electronic submission. See Graduate College Academic Calendar. Any requested revisions to the final document submission must be completed promptly. The submission process is not complete until you have received an email confirming your document has been accepted. The process may take several weeks beyond the end of the semester.   


  • Degrees are typically posted on transcripts approximately two months after the end of the semester. Contact the Office of the Registrar for estimated date. Please note, thesis and dissertation titles will be printed on transcripts under degree awarded.


  • If your thesis or dissertation title changes after you have submitted your graduation clearance, please send an email of your updated title to


  • If you changed from thesis to non-thesis (vice versa), you will need to submit a revised plan of study before submitting a revised graduation clearance form.


  • No. Your plan of study does not need to be approved in order to apply to graduate. However, your graduation clearance form must be approved before you can apply to graduate.



  • If you are a Master’s student, you will get the link within 2 business days after we receive your defense results.  If you are a Doctoral student, first you will be asked to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.  After this is completed, you will be given the link to upload your dissertation.


  • No.  The Graduate College must approve your document before your file will be sent to the Registrar for a graduation check. You will receive an email if you have corrections to make, or if your document has been approved. If you have not received an email within two weeks, please contact us.


  • Approximately 12 to 14 weeks after degree conferral, thesis and dissertation submissions are available through the open access OSU E-Archive, Library of Congress and the ProQuest Thesis/Dissertation database (via authentication). Open-access work is fully copyrighted, and scholars who cite the work are expected to respect the author’s intellectual property rights in the same manner as any physically published work. 


  • There are two options available to Oklahoma State University (OSU) graduate students for restricting access to their theses/dissertations for a finite period of time, an embargo. If it is desired to have the document to be publically verifiable through the disclosure of the thesis/dissertation title and abstract only, with the content of the work undisclosed or embargoed, such restrictions are available under the publishing options during the thesis/dissertation submission to the ProQuest/UMI website.
    If it is desired to restrict the entire thesis/dissertation (title, abstract and content) from the public, submit an “Embargo” Request  to the Graduate College, 202 Whitehurst. Please be aware that this option will not allow the public to verify degree completion or thesis/dissertation submission. No records will be found in a search of the ProQuest/UMI database. One should carefully consider the impact this may have on future employment, scholarly citations, etc.  


  • Yes. While uploading your document to UMI ProQuest, you will be given an option to order a printed copy. Please keep in mind, copies cost extra and will not be delivered until your thesis or dissertation has been approved and released by the Graduate College. This process may take up to six months. On the other hand, many printing centers offer binding services (ex: Staples, FedEx Office, OK Quality Printing, etc.)