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Graduate Student Annual Academic Progress Review

In accordance with Graduate College general policy and the policy requiring that a graduate student be making satisfactory academic progress to hold an assistantship, each department, program or school should conduct an annual review of graduate students enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Additionally, an annual review helps the student progress through the graduate program by allowing timely identification of deficiencies, clarification of expectations for academic performance, and/or identification of opportunities for continued success. The annual reviews not only to monitor student progress toward the degree and to determine funding/fellowships/awards/assistantships for the coming academic year.

All graduate students should contact their program to ask when their annual review will be scheduled. 

Suggested Timeline:

  • On <(provide date)>, the  <GRADUATE COORDINATOR / Graduate Secretary> sends out <the Annual Review Form(s)/an email requesting a CV> to all enrolled degree-seeking students in the program. The form requests information on the student’s academic accomplishments and on the completion of specific program requirements: <courses; foreign language proficiency; research papers; comprehensive, qualifying, and preliminary examinations; etc.>.
  • Students <fill out the form/provide the CV> within <(provide time frame or due date.)
  • The <student’s adviser> reviews the information provided by the student and provides a written evaluation of the student’s performance. The <student’s adviser> also sets goals for the coming academic year.  These evaluations and goals are due to the <GRADUATE PROGRAM COORDINATOR/Graduate Secretary> by <(provide due date).
  • On <(provide date)>, the Annual Academic Progress Review Committee of the department consisting of <the GRADUATE COORDINATOR / advisory committee/graduate program committee/graduate program coordinator/etc.> will meet and discuss the progress of all graduate students.
  • The student is provided with a written copy of their annual review and the student and <their adviser/GRADUATE COORDINATOR> meet in order to discuss the outcome of the review.
  • The <GRADUATE COORDINATOR/Graduate Secretary> places the signed original of the review in the student’s file.
  • In the case of unsatisfactory progress, the student must receive written documentation of the issues and expected remediation. The Graduate Dean is copied on this correspondence.
  • Ideally, the graduate program provides the Graduate College with an aggregate summary of all reviews.

Annual Review Instructions

Annual Reviews Form