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Oklahoma State University

OSU Graduate Research Excellence Awards

The purpose of this program is to recognize graduate students for their outstanding research accomplishments as reflected in their thesis or dissertation. Public recognition of the research conducted by the institution’s most talented graduate students is an explicit way to reward excellence and to contribute to the creation of an environment conducive to successful research.

All departments and interdisciplinary programs offering graduate programs resulting in master’s and doctoral degrees are eligible to participate. Graduate students who have defended their theses or dissertations between March 1, 2017, and March 1, 2018, and who have graduated in spring, summer or fall 2017 or who qualify for graduation in spring 2018 are eligible.
Nomination Procedure
Nominations must be submitted electronically as a single pdf file with items in the order listed below to by 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 5, 2018.
  1. Name of the student nominated as it appears on official OSU records
  2. Student’s email address, local address, permanent address and phone number
  3. Degree to be received and major area of study/specialization
  4. Name of student’s research advisor, graduate program name
  5. Resume/CV (2 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font)
  6. Unofficial copy of OSU graduate transcript
  7. Student-authored research description (2 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font) 
    a. Title
    b. Focus of research or definition of research problem 
    cMethodology employed 
    d. Results
    e. Contributions to present state of knowledge and implications for future research 
    f. Publications resulting from the research (if applicable)
  8. A supporting letter (2 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font) signed by all members of the student’s thesis or dissertation advisory committee. This letter should address the nominee’s research skills and accomplishments and should compare the student nominee to present and former graduate student researchers in the program.
The Graduate Council Subject Matter Group Chairs will appoint committees from each faculty group to select awardees. There will be up to one master’s and doctoral award per Subject Matter Group.
Nominations must be submitted electronically as a single pdf file with items in the order listed above to by 5:00 pm, Monday, March 5, 2018.


Each Graduate Research Excellence Award will consist of a Letter of Commendation from the OSU President and a commemorative plaque from the Vice President for Research. Award notification will be emailed to the student, advisor and department. Recipients and their faculty research advisors will be recognized during Graduate Education Week at the Graduate College Awards Ceremony at 3:00 pm on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, during Graduate Education Week.

Dr. Adam Cobb, Natural Resource and Ecology Management
From Soil Ecology to Human Nutrition

Jason Higgins, English
Through Star-Spangled Eyes: Lew Puller’s Fortunate Son and the Myth of Resolution

Muthusubra Mohan, Materials Science & Engineering
Effect of POSS Grafted Graphene Oxide on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Composites

Dr. Caitlin Barnes, Environmental Science
Evaluation of Hydrogeologic Data Associate with USGS Areas of Potentially Induced Seismicity

Kristine Chua, Psychology
Human life history strategies: Calibrated to external or internal cues?

Dr. Jin Im, Human Sciences
Customer Competence and Resource Integration in the Co-creation Experience

Gabriella Bragoli, International Agriculture
Post-fellowship Experiences of African Entrepreneurs

Andres Patrignani
Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Tyson Ochsner

Lei Wu
Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Dingbo Lin

Steven Pedersen
Ph.D. in English
Advisor: Dr. Ron Brooks

Thomas Moore
M.S. in Environmental Science
Advisor: Dr. Michael Buser

Kenan Qu
Ph.D. in Physics
Advisor: Dr. Girish Agarwal

Amir Hassan Zadeh
Ph.D. in Business Administration (option in Management Science & Information Systems)
Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Sharda

Roha Thomas
M.S./Ph.D. Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Shelia Kennison

Assoumane Maiga
Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
Advisor: Dr. Craig Edwards

Connor H.G. Patros
M.S./Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Advisor:  Dr. R. Matt Alderson

Gabriela Karina Orquera Tornakian
M.S. in Entomology and Plant Pathology
Advisor:  Dr. Stephen Marek

Justin McBride
Ph.D. in English
Advisor:  Dr. Dennis R. Preston

Joshua Jason Ringer
Ph.D. in Agricultural Education
Advisor:  Dr. Jeffrey Alan Sallee

Paul Priyesh Vijayakumar
Ph.D. in Food Science
Advisor:  Dr. Peter Muriana

Kazuo Yamazaki
Ph.D. in Mathematics
Advisor:  Dr. Jiahong Wu

Gregory J. Lengel
M.S./Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Advisor:  Dr. Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt

Dr. Bucky J. Dodd
Ph.D. in Education
Specialization in Occupational Educational Studies
Advisor:  Dr. Lynna J. Ausburn

Jagdeep T. Podichetty
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Advisor:  Dr. Sundar V. Madihally

Seyedalireza Golestaneh
M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Advisor:  Dr. Damon M. Chandler

Nisha Shakya Bajracharya
M.S. in Entomology and Plant Pathology
Advisor:  Dr. George Opit

Dr. Sandipa Gautam
Ph.D. in Entomology
Advisor:  Dr. George P. Opit


Group I
Doctoral –Dr. Brady Allred, Natural Resource & Ecology Management
Advisor:  Dr. Samuel Fuhlendorf

Group III
Doctoral - Mr. Arvind Seshadri, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla

Group IV
Masters - Mr. Mathew Judah, Psychology
Advisor, Dr. DeMond M. Grant

Doctoral – Ms. Ezgi Erkmen, Hospitality Administration
Advisor: Dr. Murat Hancer

Group V
Doctoral – Ms. Lindsay Murn, Applied Health & Educational Psychology
Advisor: Dr. John Romans

Group VI
Doctoral – Dr. Satyanarayana Achanta, Physiological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Lara Maxwell

Dr. Stephanie Marie Rogers
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology 
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher 
Thesis Title: A Decision Tool and Molecular Typing Technique for a Plant Pathogen Forensic Application, Using Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus as a Model Pathogen Virus as a Model Pathogen

Alireza Boloorchi Tabrizi
M.S. in Computer Science
Advisor: Dr. M. H. Samadzadeh
Thesis Title: Distributed, Energy-Sensitive Networks

Dr. Sri Subramanium
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Advisor : Dr. LeGrande M. Slaughter
Thesis Title: Synthetic, Structural, Spectroscopic, Catalytic and Mechanistic Studies of Palladium Complexes with Bidentate Caebene Ligands

Rachel H. Messer

M.S. in Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Shelia Kennison
Thesis Title: The Effect of Gender Stereotypes on the Processing of Novel Metaphors

Dr. Huiju Park
Ph.D. in Human Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Donna Branson
Thesis Title: Impact of Body Armor and Load Carriage on Lower Body Movement

Dr. Brent Dale Hill
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Dale R. Fuqua
Thesis Title: The Sequential Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Procedure as an Alternative for Determining the Number of Factors in Common-Factor Analysis: A Monte Carlo Simulation

Katelyn Deane Weinbrecht
M.S. Forensic Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Robert W. Allen
Thesis Title: Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Analysis as an DNA Typing Tool for Microbial Forensics



Sandipa Gautam
M.S. in Entomology
Advisor: Dr. George P. Opit
Title: Ecological Studies of the Psocid Liposcelis Rufa Broadhead (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae)

Irina Timofte
M.A. in English
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Grubgeld
Title: The Disabled Body in Toni Morrison's Novel Sula

Dr. Laura Dumin
Ph.D. in English
Advisor: Dr. Rich Batteiger
Title: Passive Voice and Science Writing: A Textual Analysis of Passive Voice in Scientific Articles

Dr. Dimple Kumar Aiyanna Kundiyanna
Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering
Advisor: Drs. Raymond L. Huhnke & Dr. Mark R. Wilkins
Title: Process Engineering and Scale-Up of Autotrophic Clostridium strain P11 Syngas Fermentation

Kristopher Bradley
M.S. in Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Shelia Kennison
Title: The Effect of Mortality Salience on Weapon Bias

Dr. Ahmet Bulent Ozturk
Ph.D. in Human Environmental Sciences with option in Hospitality Administration
Advisor: Dr. Murat Hancer
Title: Factors Affecting Individual and Organizational RID Technology Adoption in the Hospitality Industry

Dr. Paul Joseph Kroutter, Jr.
Ph.D. in Education with option in Occupational Education Studies
Advisor: Dr. Lynna J. Ausburn
Title: The Influence of Field Dependence/Independence, Gender, and Experience on Navigational Behavior and Configurational Knowledge Acquisition in a Desktop Virtual Reality Environment

Dr. Kalpana Kushwaha
Ph.D. in Food Science
Advisor: Dr. Peter M. Muriana
Title: Characterization of Virulence in Adherent Phenotypes of Listeria Monocytogenes

Dr. Ranjan Singh
Ph.D. in Photonics
Advisor: Dr. Weili Zhang
Title: Tailoring the Resonances of Terahertz Metamaterials

Panagiotis Kamenidis
M.S. in Human Environmental Science, Design, Housing and Merchandising
Advisor: Dr. Donna H. Branson
Title: Effect of Trapped Air on Heat and Moisture Resistance of Multilayered Soft Body Armors

Dr. Hyunjung Kim
Ph.D. in Human Environmental Science, Hospitality Administration
Advisor: Dr. Hailin Qu
Title: A Study of Customer-Service Provider Relationship Development in Casual Dining Restaurants: A Relational Benefits Approach

Kathy Rasmussen
M.S. in Psychology
Advisor: Dr. LaRicka Wingate
Title: The Role of Optimism in the Interpersonal Psychological Theory of Suicide

Shirley Vincent
Ph.D. in Environmental Science
Advisor: Dr. William J. Focht
Title: Search for Identity: Exploring Core Competencies for Interdisciplinary Environmental Programs

Tingting Weng
Ph.D. in Veterinary Biomedical Science
Advisor: Dr. Lin Liu
Title: The Role of Pleiotrophin and microRNA-150 in Fetal Lung Development and Functions

Dr. Kristopher Brett Karsten
Ph.D. in Zoology; Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology
Advisor: Dr. Stanley F. Fox
Title: "Sexual selection, social behavior, and conservation of chameleons in Madagascar"

Dr. Lacy Lee Landrum
Ph.D. in English; Specializing in Professional Writing & Rhetoric
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Warren
Title: "Creating Accessible Websites: Developing a Fire Safety Website for Teenagers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing"

Dr. Benjamin J. Lawrence
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Sundar Madihally
Title: "Mass Transfer in Porous Tissue Engineering Scaffolds"

Kellie Ann Strawn
M.S., Agricultural Communications
Advisor: Dr. Dwayne Cartmell
Title: "Oregon Food Professors' Attitudes Toward Processing Certified Sustainable Fruits and Vegetables"

Dr. Lynda Driskell
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Barbara Carlozzi
Title: "Predictors of Domestic Violence Myth Acceptance in Forensic Mental Health Specialists"

Dr. Nikita Shiram Mirajkar
Ph.D. in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, Neurotoxicology
Advisor: Dr. Carey N. Pope
Title: "Cholinergic Modulation of Cardiac Function: Selective Disruption by Organophosphorus Anticholinesterases"


Cortney Brett Wolfe-Christensen
Master's of Science in Psychology
Group IV - Sicial Sciences
Advisers: Dr. John M. Chaney and Dr. Larry L. Mullins
Title: "The Relationship Between Post-Treatment Intellectual Functioning and Long-Term Social Functioning in Survivors of Pediatric Cancer"

Billystrom Aronya Jivetti 
Master's of Science International Studies 
Group V - Education 
Advisor: Dr. M. Craig Edwards 
Title: "Improving the Livelihoods of Women in the Developing World: Selected Perceptions of Women's Self-Help Groups In Western Kenya"


Samodha Charaka Fernando 
Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Breeding and Genetics with specialization in Animal Genetics 
Group I - Biological Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Udaya DeSilva 
Title: "Meta-Functional Genomic Analysis of Rumen Micro-Biome"

Judit Simo 
Doctor of Philosophy in English with specialization in Linguistics 
Group II: Humanities 
Advisor: Dr. Carol Moder 
Title: "The Cognitive Concept of GAME in American English and Hungarian"

Maxim N. Tchoul 
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry 
Group III - Physical Sciences and technology 
Advisor: Dr. Warren T. Ford 
Title: "Composites of Carbon Nanotubes"

Ji Hye Kang 
Doctor of Philosophy in Human Environmental Science 
Group IV - Social Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Byoungho Jin 
Title: "The Positive Emotion Elicitation Process of Chinese Consumers Toward a U.S. Apparel Brand: A Cognitive Appraisal Perspective"

Garrett Hutson
Doctor of Philosophy in Health, Leisure and Human Performance 
Group V - Education
Advisor: Dr. Lowell Caneday
Title: "Perceptions of Outdoor Recreation Professionals toward Place Meanings in natural Environments: A Q-Method Inquiry" 

Narendranath Reddy Chintagari 
Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences 
Group VI - Biomedical Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Lin Liu 
Title: "Lipid Rafts and Lung Surfactant Secretion"


Aravind Seshadri
Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering 
Group Three - Physical Sciences and Technology
Advisor: Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla 
Title: "Model reference adaptive control of web guides"

Joshua Keith Swift 
Master's of Science in Clinical Psychology 
Group Four - Social Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Jennifer L. Callahan 
Title: "Expectations of the Duration and Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: A Delay Discounting Perspective"


Amar A. Patil 
Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Breeding and Reproduction 
Group One - Biological Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Guolong Zhang 
Title: "Genome-wide identification of mammalian defensins and functional analysis of a novel defensin-related peptide"

Jason R. Landrum 
Doctor of Philosophy in English
Group Two: Humanities 
Advisor: Dr. Robert Mayer 
Title: "The Crime Scene of the Mind: Prohibition, Enjoyment, and the Criminal Profiler in Film and Television"

Siyka Ivanova Shopova 
Doctor of Philosophy in Photonics 
Group Three - Physical Sciences and technology 
Advisor: Dr. Albert T. Rosenberger 
Title: "Nanoparticle-coated optical microresonators for whispering-gallery lasing and other applications "

Ada Sau-yee Lo 
Doctor of Philosophy in Human Environmental Sciences 
Group Four - Social Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Hailin Qu 
Title: "A Study on the Impact of the Bundle of Determinants on Tourists' Shopping and Visiting Intentions - An Extension of the Theory of Reasoned Action "

Tracey Ledoux
Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology 
Group Five - Education
Advisor: Dr. Steve Harrist
Title: "Effects of Expressive Writing on eating behaviors following an ego threatening event" 

Dr. Kristin Michelle Rogers 
Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences 
Group Six - Biomedical Sciences 
Advisor: Dr. Richard Eberle 
Title: "Mechanisms Responsible for the Disparate Pathogenicity of Herpesvirus Papio 2 Subtypes in Mice"

Linda J. Fleming
M.S., International Studies with an emphasis in Art History
Advisor: Dr. Marcella Sirhandi
Title: "Selections from The Leora Stroup Collection: Kakemono of the Edo Period of Japan 1615-1868"

Hengwen Zhong
M.S., Chemistry with emphasis in Analytical Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Ziad El Rassi
Title: "Polar Bonded Stationary Phases Consisting of Silica-Based Monoliths for Normal Phase Capillary Electrochromatography

Adelina Longoria
M.S., Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Melanie C. Page
Title: "The Relationship Between Receptive and Epxressive Language Ability and Verbal and Nonverbal Aspects of Social Competence

Thomas Wayne Beford
M.S., Health & Human Performance
Advisor: Dr. Doug Smith
Title: "A Comparison of Periodization Models with Equated Volume and Intensity for Strength

Peter Ayodele Edde
Ph.D., Entomology
Advisor: Dr. Thomas W. Phillips
Title: "Studies with the Aggregation Pheromones of Rhyzopertha dominica(Coleoptera: Bostrichidae): Habitat Affinities, Seasonal Flight Activity, and Pheromone-Mediated Host Selection Behavior"

Mattew Wynn Sivils
Ph.D., English
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Walker
Title: "Song of the Oktahutche: The Complete Journals and Poems of Alexander Posey"

Ryan Ratliff
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla
Title: "Disk Drive Actuator Design and Control for Robust Non-Operational Shock Performance"

Rachel A. Horton
Ph.D., Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Thad R. Leffingwell
Title: "Sorority Pledges: A Longitudinal Examination of Changes in Alcohol Attitudes, Behaviors, and Normative Perceptions Throughout Recruitment and Early Pledging"

Theresa M. Nemmers
Ph.D., Health, Leisure, and Human Performance
Advisor: Dr. Betty Edgley
Title: "The Influence of the Forward Head Posture on Balance, Fall Self-Efficacy, and Physical Activity Level in Community-Dwelling Women Age 60 and Older and the Relationship of These Variables to Self-Reported Fall History"

Nili Jin
Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Lin Liu
Title: "Characterization and Functional Study of Ionotropic GABA Receptors in Alveolar Epithelial Cells "

Quan Zhang
Ph.D., Plant Pathology
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher
Title: " Genetic analysis of Serratia marcescens, the causal agent of cucurbit yellow vine disease"

Nilesh B. Siraskar
M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla
Title: " Decentralized Control of Large-Scale Interconnected Systems with Application to Web Processing Machines"

Yongliang Zhu
Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: Control Systems
Advisor: Dr. Prabhakar R. Pagilla
Title: "Adaptive Output Feedback Control of Nonlinear Systems"

Melissa Jean Leedy
M.S., Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Thad R. Leffingwell
Title: " Evaluation of a Measure of Legal Risk Behavior in College Students Who Use Alcohol "

Robert A. Greve
Ph.D., Business Administration
Advisor: Dr. Stephen W.S. McKeever
Option: Management Information Systems
Title: "Modeling and Simulation of Knowledge Worker Attention for Evaluation of Email Processing Strategies"

Jamie Marie King
M.S., Agricultural Communications
Advisor: Dr. Dwayne Cartmell
Title: "Newspaper Coverage of the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Outbreak in the United States: A Content Analysis"

Yating Liang
Ph.D., Health, Leisure and Human Performance
Emphasis: Leisure Studies
Advisor: Dr. Lowell Caneday
Title: "Benchmarking Theory Applied to State Parks: An Exploratory Study"

Kiran S. Palyada
Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Science
Advisor: Dr. Alain Stintzi
Title: "Response of Campylobacter jejuni to Iron and Hydrogen Peroxide"

Amanda Rachel Howard
M.S., Plant Pathology
Specialization: Plant Virology
Advisor: Dr. Jeanmarie Verchot-Lubicz
Title: "Characterization of Potato Virus X (PVX) TGBP1: Role I Virus Cell-to-Cell Movement and Suppresion of Virus Induced Gene Silencing"

Christopher Alan Taylor
Ph.D., Human Environmental Sciences
Emphasis: Nutritional Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Kathryn S. Keim
Title: "An Approach to Diabetes Prevention Among Native Americans in Oklahoma"

Doina Livia F Kovalik
Ph.D., English
Specialization: Linguistics
Advisor: Dr. Carol Moder
Title: "Verbal Metaphor: The Crossroad of Cognition, Culture, and Form"

Zhi Quan
M.S., Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Jong-Moon Chung
Title: "Statistical Service Guarantees for Traffic Scheduling in High-Speed Data Networks"

Razvan Gaza
Ph.D., Physics
Advisor: Dr. Stephen W.S. McKeever
Title: "A Fiber-Optics, Real-Time Dosimeter Based on Optically Stimulated Luminescence of Al2O3:C and KBr:Eu, For Potential Use in the Radiotherapy of Cancer"

Caleb Wayne Lack
M.S., Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Maureen A. Sullivan
Title: "Effects of Seasonal Natural Disasters on Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms, Coping Strategies, and Attributions"

Antonio Avalos-Huerta
Ph.D., Economics
Advisor: Dr. Andreas Savvides
Title: "The Determinants of Wage Differentials and Wage Inequality in Latin America: Openess, Technology and Labor Supply"

Ronald Wagler
M.S., Zoology
Specialization: Science Education
Advisor: Dr. Chris Moseley
Title: "The Effect of a Secondary Methods Class and Student Teaching on Preservice Secondary Teacher Efficacy"

Kurt T. Choate
Ph.D., Educational Psychology
Option: School Psychology
Advisor: Dr. Terry A. Stinnett
Title: "The Underlying Structures of Attitudes Towards Gay and Lesbian Youth in Pre-Service Teachers"

Mahesh Mohan
Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Jerry R. Malayer
Title: "Gene Expression in the Preattachment Bovine Embryo-Regulation by Retinoic Acid and in Vitro Culture System"

Jason Wayne Ross
M.S., Animal Science
Advisor: Dr. Rodney Geisert
Title: "Identification and Analysis of Genes Regulating Early Development, Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy and Implantation I the Pig"

David Paul Onorato
Ph.D., Zoology
Advisor: Dr. Eric Hellgren
Title: "Conservation Ecology of the Metapopulation of Black Bears in the Big Bend Ecosystem"

W. Barrett Huddleston
M.A., Theatre
Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Stephens
Title: "Of Other Words: An Intertextual Semiotic Analysis of C.S. Lewis Adaptations"

Abdulkarim Al-Nujaidi
Ph.D., English
Advisor: Dr. Ravi Sheorey
Title: "The relationship between the reading strategies, vocabulary size, and reading comprehension of EFL learners in Saudi Arabia"

Hooi Miin Soo
M.S., Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Jong-Moon Chung
Title: "Performance Analysis of Networks Deploying Differentiated Services and Traffic Engineering"

Eswar Sivaraman
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering & Management
Advisor: Dr. Manjunath Kamath
Title: "Formal Techniques for Analyzing Business Process Models"

Monica D. Kendrick
M.S., Family Relations and Child Development Specialization: Marriage and Family Therapy
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Briggs
Title: "Exploration of quality of life for couples experiencing Stage III and IV cancer"

Royce D. Burnett
Ph.D., Business Administration
Advisor: Dr. Don Hansen
Title: "The Effects of Environmental Regulation on Plant Productivity: A Temporal Investigation of Phase One of the Federal 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments"

Jonathan D. Ulmer
M.S., Agricultural Education
Advisor: Dr. Dwayne Cartmell
Title: "Oklahoma Consumers Knowledge and Perceptions of Ethanol-Blended Gasoline"

Susan B. Weir
Ph.D., Educational Psychology Option: Student Personnel Services
Advisor: Dr. Marcia Dickman
Title: "The Relationship of Psychosocial Development to Preferences for Academic Advising Using a Two-Dimensional Measure"

Mason Verne Reichard
Ph.D., Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Specialization: Veterinary Parasitology
Dr. A. Alan Kocan
Title: "Competence of Spatially Distinct Populations of Amblyomma americanum as Vectors"