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Oklahoma State University

Thesis/Dissertation FAQ


Graduation Application information

  • When should I file my graduation application?
    • The deadline is set by the Registrar’s office. You should file the graduation application as soon as you can during the semester you plan to graduate.
  • How do I file my graduation application?
  • Candidates for Summer graduation may follow the Spring Graduation Clearance and Graduation Application deadlines in order to appear in the Spring Commencement Program.

Preparing Your Document

  • Is there a template available?
  • Do I have to include a Vita? Where should I put it?
    • Yes, you need to include a vita.  It should only be 1 page and will be placed right after the appendices. The Vita will not have a page number.
  • What completion date should I use on the title page and abstract?
    • You should use the month and year your degree will be conferred. For example, December 2012 for Fall graduation, May 2012 for Spring graduation, and July 2012 for Summer graduation.
  • Do I have to include my IRB approval letter?
    • Yes, this information must be included.  It should be included as an appendix.
  • Can I have an acknowledgement page?
    • Yes, but the mandatory disclaimer must be included in the footer.

Submitting Your Document Online

  • When will I get the link to submit my thesis/dissertation online?
    • If you are a Master’s student, you will get the link within 2 business days after we receive your defense results.  If you are a Doctoral student, first you will be asked to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates.  After this is completed, you will be given the link to upload your dissertation.
  • How do I convert my document to a PDF?
    • As part of the submission process, UMI will convert your document to a PDF for you to upload.  If you have any issues with the conversion or with the UMI site, you can always contact the UMI support staff.
  • Do I need to submit a paper copy to the Graduate College?
    • The only required paper submission to accompany the electronic upload is the Signature/Approval page(Click here). We do not need a hard copy of your thesis/dissertation. Please make sure your name and CWID are on the top of the signature/approval page. The templates for the hard copy approval page can be found at For Graduation tab in this page
  • I submitted my thesis/dissertation online; does that mean I’m done?
    • No.  The Graduate College must approve your document before your file will be sent to the Registrar for a graduation check. You will receive an email if you have corrections to make, or if your document has been approved. If you have not received an email within two weeks, please contact us.
  • Is there a fee to submit online?
    • There are no fees to submit online.