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Three Minute Idea Competition (3MI)

Oklahoma State University Graduate College offers a new Three Minute Competition: the Three Minute Idea or 3MI. The 3MI challenges individual students or small teams of students to make a video on a topic related to their graduate studies which helps a public audience appreciate the work graduate students do and how this matters to society. However, unlike our other three minute competitions, there are few “rules” other than the video can only be three minutes long, it has to relate to the student’s or team’s graduate studies, and the video has to be original to the presenter or their team.

The idea for this competition comes from its sponsor Richard Cochran. Richard enjoyed serving as a judge for the Three Minute Thesis(3MT) competition, but felt that freedom from the many competition rules of the 3MT might make for more creative competitions.

The 3MI frees presenters or teams to be both creative in their ideas and their presentations. Got a great imaginative idea? Tell us about it creatively. These don't have to be professionally done, just be creative.

Your idea can be anything that is directly related to your graduate studies. These ideas can be original thoughts, research or scholarship that come from you or basic or cutting edge ideas from others in your discipline (appropriately acknowledged). However, most importantly, your video will help the audience be engaged, informed and amazed!

You can sing, dance, animate or just speak your piece. You decide what works best. Here are some examples of how you might make your video engaging, informative and amazing (not all of these are 3 minute, but you get the idea).

Rap about dark matter?

Sing about market demand?

Express the perception of depression with a poem?

Make a video on trade protection?

Who is eligible to participate?

Any graduate student enrolled for spring semester 2018 can participate as an individual or as part of a team (maximum team membership is five enrolled graduate students).

Producing and Submitting your 3MI Video

The Edmon Low Library offers options that can assist you in making your 3MI video. In the Edmon Low Creative Studios students can check out cameras, tripods, and microphones. The Creative Studios also have software on their computers that assist with the editing and producing of your 3MI video. In addition, the library has a recording and presentation studio where students can film their video with a green screen and podium.

To submit your 3MI video, go to the Graduate Student Brightspace Community page and select Three Minute Idea (3MI) under content. Fill out the submission form and upload your video to the dropbox. It’s recommended that you submit your video in .mp4 video format.

The competition submission ends on Monday February 19, 2018 at 5:00PM CST.


Ten videos will be selected from a preliminary round of judging for viewing during OSU Research Week. The public and a panel of judges will select a winner from these ten videos (Copyright for the ten finalist videos must be assigned to the OSU Graduate College as a condition for finalist selection). For teams, the award amounts will be divided equally among the team members.

Two prizes will be awarded: Judge’s Choice $500 and People’s Choice $500

The winners will be announce at the Three Minute Challenge (3MC) competition during Graduate Education Week, and the 3MI award winning videos will be screened during the 3MC. Representative contestants from all submissions are expected to attend the 3MC competition for the surprise announcement of the winner entries.

3MI Video Submissions

Submit to D2L link

For any questions, please email Motte, Charmaine at