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Graduate students from across OSU submitted video recordings of their 3 minute talks for the preliminary round of the 3MT® communication competition. The top 12 advance to the finals, for which we will host a live watch party on Thursday, November 18 at 3 PM. The winners will be announced and our audience on Zoom will have the chance to vote for the People’s Choice Award. Prizes are $1,000 for first place, $750 for second place, $500 for third place and $1,000 for People’s Choice.

And the Finalists Are...

Tameko Collins - Educational Psychology

“Ditching the Lecture: Can Blended Learning Affect Motivation?”


Caitlin Dreher -Agricultural Education

“Woman to Women: Perceptions of Early Career Women in Agricultural Leadership”


Christy Eslinger - Biomedical Sciences 

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)”


Audrey Firth- Design, Housing & Merchandising-Interior Design 

“Biophilic Interventions in Crew Quarters on Deep Space Transit Habitats”


Rafaela Gomes Ruschel- Plant Pathology

“A Novel Diagnostic Method for Quarantine Virus on Poaceae


Samantha Hart- Nutritional Sciences-Dietetics Research

“Can We Really have Health at Every Size?”


Sierra Hubbard- Plant Biology

“Challenging the Bias Against Plants in Conservation”


Weerasekara Jayathilake- Comparative Biomedical Science

“Let’s Save Bella, a Diabetic Horse”


Austin Leone- Integrative Biology

“Science Attitudes in a Semi-virtual Research Experience”


Kayla Loper-  Research, Evaluation Measurement & Statistics 

“Defining and Evaluating Students’ Sense of Belonging”


Truc Ngo- Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

“Watch Your Step! Human Leg Imbalances during Walking”


Makenna Paniel- Plant & Soil Science

“Where Goes Oklahoma?”



Additionally, the following individuals placed in the preliminary heats:


Vanessa Claire Santos- Comparative Biomedical Sciences

“Viral Protein (VP16) Regulates HSV-1 Activation”


Rachel Hamrock- Integrative Biology

“Are You my Brother?”


Shoukath Sulthana- Chemistry

“Gold Nanoparticles: A Drug Carrier to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis”

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