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OSU graduate student enrollment has reached its highest point since the Fall of 2016 with 4,789 students enrolled in programs on the OSU-Stillwater, -Tulsa and -CHS campuses.  A number of factors likely contribute to this increase, including the launch of the graduate Slate application and customer relationship management system.  A 35% jump in applications occurred in the first year of Slate. Those numbers have continued to climb with another 6% increase in applications this fall. 


The increase in applications has translated to growth in enrollment in many graduate programs across all three campuses.  On the Stillwater campus, graduate student enrollment is up 6.3% from the Fall of 2020 with an 18% increase in new graduate students. Some may wonder whether this phenomenon is due to the effects of COVID-19 on enrollment in 2020, but this represents an 8% increase over “pre-COVID” Fall of 2019. 


Graduate programs on the Tulsa campus have also been on the rise.  Fall 2021 has seen an 8% increase in graduate student enrollment and 6.4% increase in new students.  These graduate student enrollment numbers for the Tulsa campus are up more than 11% over Fall 2019.


The Center for Health Sciences has been the home to some of the most rapidly growing graduate programs over the past five years.  With the launch of new programs, graduate enrollment increased this fall by 10% on the CHS campus compared to 2020, which is a 12% increase over Fall 2019 numbers.


The Graduate College applauds the work of the many graduate coordinators, graduate faculty, and staff members who have invested in graduate student recruitment and implementing customer relationship management practices through Slate. It’s evident that these efforts are making a difference in graduate education at Oklahoma State University.


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