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Honoring Regina Henry for Many Years of Service


At the annual Graduate College and GPSGA Awards Ceremony this year, Dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Sheryl Tucker, made a special presentation of honors to Regina Henry. Henry, who retired in January after almost 45 year of service, was an integral part of the OSU community. Her work was particularly significant for international graduate students who she assisted in many capacities during her career at OSU. 


During her career, Henry had many different titles, including Coordinator of Immigration. She went above and beyond for her students and was featured many times in the O'Colly giving insight into campus activities concerning international students. Henry over saw programs for students including everything from driving lessons to citizenship ceremonies, supporting them by helping with the most present need. 


As part of the presentation, Tucker said "Regina dedicated a large portion of her career to working with the international graduate students, faculty, and staff at OSU. It was no secret that if you wanted to know how an international graduate student was doing, Regina was the person to call. She was incredibly connected with our students and always ready to listen and provide guidance. The real value of Regina’s words of wisdom was that they were spot on and not just what someone wanted to hear. She was willing to have difficult conversations when necessary and her frank advice helped our students succeed. It was a pleasure to work with her, and we relied on her sage advice through the years. I am forever grateful for her partnership." 


As a gift, Henry was presented with a book filled with expressions of appreciation and memories from international students and faculty that she worked with during her career at OSU. The cover of the book read, "In Appreciation for Meritorious Service of OSU Graduate Students." 

Regina Henry with a gift presented at the ceremony




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