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PSA from Miss OSU, a current graduate student


Julianne Thomison headshot and an image from her psa video that has a caution sign that reads "Don't" with phone, a plus sign, and a car.


There are 1.6 million accidents caused by cell phones each year. Julianne Thomison, a current OSU graduate student who is serving as Miss OSU is using her platform to remind us that all of these accidents are preventable. Julianne grew up in Tulsa in a family of five. When she graduates with her Master’s in Mass Communication in May, she will be the fifth family member with an OSU diploma. She hopes to one day use her degree to teach in higher education.


Thomison has served in different capacities as an advocate against texting and driving for over 10 years. Having previously suffered the negative effects of a texting accident, Thomison has spoken to over 50,000 people and helped to raise $100,000 in organizational funding. She also spent time lobbying at the Oklahoma State Capitol for an anti-texting law, which went into effect in November of 2015.


Thomison says she has been overwhelmed by the support of the university in helping her to promote this message. She worked with a classmate and others at OSU to create the PSA. It has since been promoted widely across campus. In its first day of promotion, it was watched over a thousand times. “If this message can just save one person’s life, it will be beyond worth it!” Thomison says.


Thomison has had the unique experience of serving as Miss OSU for the past two years. Because of the pandemic, the 2020 Miss Oklahoma competition was postponed. Thomison looks forward to representing OSU in the Miss Oklahoma competition this coming June. She has adapted her service over the past year to fit the needs of 2020 and has utilized her platform in the digital space a her recently developed PSA.


In this PSA, Thomison educates viewers on the options they have when driving. Her three suggestions are: keep your phone out of reach – in the glove box or center console, ask for help if you are riding with a passenger, or turn on do not disturb or another automated response app. Watch the full PSA here.


Despite the twist and turns of the last year, Thomison says, “Set big goals, work hard, and don’t give up! I have dreamed of becoming Miss Oklahoma for years, and I have worked as hard as possible to see this goal through. So to my fellow graduate students, find your purpose, know your worth, and never give up on yourself. ”


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