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Watch this year's finalists and cast your vote for People's Choice.

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Eva Kao 

A New Therapy to Improve Survival of Cats with Acute Cytauxzoonosis
Master's Student in Veterinary Biomedical Science
Advisor : Dr. Craig Miller

Qinghe Su 

Trade and Firm Efficiency: Evidence from India Manufacturing Firms
Phd Student in Economics
Advisor : Dr. Mehtabul Azam

Stephanie Myers

The Case of the Mondays
PhD Student in Biomedical Sciences
Advisor : Dr. Randall L. Davis

Muwanika Jdiobe 

Autonomous Environmental Sampling System for In-situ Sensing and Monitoring of Water Quality
Master's Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Advisor : Dr. Jamey Jacob

Anmol Kajla

Shade-Is it making your lawn look shady?
Master's Student in Horticulture
Advisor : Dr. Charles Fontanier

Christine Watson

Continuous Filtration of Produced Water using Low-Cost Porous Ceramic Membranes
Master's Student in Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor : Dr. Pankaj Sarin

Kody Long 

Engagement in Online Courses: Does Poverty Make a Difference?
Master's Student in Educational Psychology  - Option in Educational Psychology
Advisor : Dr. Jane Vogler

Mego Terhuja

Virus Like Particle (VLP): A vaccine against RSV
PhD Student in Veterinary Biomedical Science
Advisor : Dr. Tom Oomens

Madison Lapke

Addressing Food Insecurity Among College students with a Mobile Food Pantry
Master's Student in International Agriculture
Advisor : Dr. Barbara Stoecker

Alvin Ngo

Healing Wounds with Lightning
PhD Student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Advisor : Dr. Jamey Jacob

Austin Phillippe 

Challenges Associated with Measuring Wildlife Impacts on Bacterial Contamination
Master's Student in Natural Resource Ecology & Management
Advisor : Dr. Chris Zou and Dr. Kevin Wagner

Dhruba Sinha 

Making Sense of Citizen Identity in Light of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA): Capturing Citizen Identity Work Among Indian Citizens
PhD Student in Sociology
Advisor : Dr. Monica Whitham


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Thanks to the Judges 

We want to offer thanks to the contest judges who helped make this contest possible and willingly support graduate education at OSU. Thank you to all the judges! 


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