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Congratulations to our winners!

First Place: Christy Eslinger

Second Place: Tameko Collins

Third Place: Makenna Paniel

People's Choice: Kayla Loper


Watch all of this year's finalists below.

(Videos can be expanded using the diagonal expander in the bottom right of each video.)

Rafaela Gomes Ruschel

A novel diagnostic method for quarantine virus on Poaceae
Master's Student: Entomology and Plant Pathology - Option in Plant Pathology 
Advisor: Dr. Francisco Ochoa Corona

Kayla Loper

Defining and Evaluating Students' Sense of Belonging
Doctoral Student: Educational Psychology - Option in Research, Evaluation Measurement and Statistics
Advisor : Dr. Ki Cole

Christy Eslinger

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Doctoral Student: Biomedical Sciences
Advisor : Dr. Subhas Das

Kaushalya Jayathilake

Let's Save Bella, a Diabetic Horse
Master's Student: Comparative Biomedical Science (MS)
Advisor : Dr. Veronique Lacombe

Caitlin Dreher

Woman to Women: Perceptions of Early Career Women in Agricultural Leadership
Master's Student: Agricultural Education 
Advisor : Dr. Angel Riggs

Sierra Hubbard

Challenging the bias against plants in conservation
Master's Student: Plant Biology
Advisor : Dr. Mark Fishbein

Truc Ngo

Watch your step! Human Leg Imbalances during Walking
Master's Student: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Advisor : Dr. Jerome Hausselle

Samantha Hart

Can we really have health at every size?
Master's Student: Nutritional Sciences - Option in Dietetics Research 
Advisor : Dr. Sam Emerson

Tameko Collins

Ditching the Lecture: Can Blended Learning Affect Motivation?
Master's Student: Educational Psychology  - Option in Educational Psychology
Advisor : Dr. Jane Vogler

Makenna Paniel

Where Goes Oklahoma?
Master's Student: Plant & Soil Science 
Advisor : Dr. Andrea Jilling

Austin Leone

Science attitudes in a semi-virtual research experience
Doctoral Student: Integrative Biology
Advisor : Dr. Donald French

Audrey Winn

Biophilic Interventions in Crew Quarters on Deep Space Transit Habitats
Master's Student: Design, Housing and Merchandising - Option in Interior Design
Advisor : Dr. Aditya Jayadas

Thanks to the Judges 

We want to offer thanks to the judges who helped make this contest possible and willingly support graduate education at OSU. Thank you to all the judges! 


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