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What Is Non-Degree Seeking

None-Degree Seeking is for students who wish to take graduate courses before choosing a particular degree.
Why Non-Degree Seeking
A person may be admitted to the Graduate College as a non degree-seeking student if he or she does not have immediate plans to become a degree candidate, but wants to take graduate courses, prerequisites or other courses.





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Interdisciplinary Studies

College: Graduate College


Degree Type

Non-Degree Seeking


Degree Options

Non-Degree Seeking  


Information and Requirements 

Admission to the Graduate College as a non-degree seeking student means only that the person will be permitted to enroll in courses through the Graduate College. It does not necessarily imply that the person has been or will be admitted to a program leading to an advanced degree or that the person will be able to obtain a graduate degree.

Visa Status:

F1 and J1 visa holders can not be admitted as non-degree seeking students until this is associated with an OPT or OCT opportunity.


Non-degree seeking students are subject to the same admission standards as degree-seeking students. Applicants for non-degree seeking status are not automatically admitted without due deliberation of their past academic performance. A non-degree seeking applicant can be considered for admission "Without Qualification" provided his/ her overall grade point average is 3.00 or higher for all courses on his/her bachelor's degree transcript or his/her master's degree transcript. An applicant whose GPA does not meet this criteria can be considered for admission after consultation and recommendation of the Non-degree seeking Student Advisor who may consider additional factors in making a decision.


  • The student is responsible for filing a new application for admission to the Graduate College should he or she wish to become a degree candidate. The new application will be evaluated by faculty of that academic program and the dean of the Graduate College to ascertain admissibility to the degree program.
  • As such work is not guided by a plan of study or approved by an advisor, no more than nine semester credit hours of course work taken while a non-degree seeking student may be used on a plan of study to meet requirements for a degree or certificate program.
  • Non-degree seeking students are subject to the same academic regulations as those students admitted into degree programs. Some programs (such as the MBA program) have lower limits.  Non-degree seeking students are strongly encouraged to consult with the instructor of any course in which they intend to enroll in order to ensure that they are adequately prepared for that course.
  • The online non-resident tuition rate is available for online students admitted to a 100% online degree program and is not applicable to online non-degree seeking graduate students
  •  Additional information and requirements can be found in the Graduate College section of the OSU Catalog.



Academic advising for non-degree seeking students is carried out by an advisor appointed by the Graduate College. Please contact the Graduate College at 405-744-6368 for details.


Application Fee:

The application fee is $25 for domestic students or U.S. Permanent Resident card holders, or $75 for persons holding a visa.

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