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Each of the graduate students recognized in the Graduate Dean’s Professional Development Hall of Fame has earned the Dean’s Certificate for the 360° Critical Skills for Career Success Program.  This certificate is awarded to students who earn Graduate College Digital Badges in 4 of the 6 skill development areas: Communication, Instruction, Leadership, Management, Research Services, and Wellness. The Graduate Dean's certificate shows a sustained commitment toward professional development while earning a graduate degree. 




Class of 2020


Dr. Logan Britton

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics 

Dr. Britton received his Ph.D. in May 2020, and earned the Graduate Dean's Certificate in April 2020. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Kansas State University in the Department of Agricultural Economics. 
Logan Britton

Emily Geest

Doctor of Philosophy in Integrative Biology

Emily is on track to complete her doctoral degree in May 2022. She earned the Graduate Dean's Certificate in April 2020. After graduation, Emily hopes to stay in academia and continue studying grassland butterflies. She plans to continue in the fields of research, outreach, and teaching throughout her career.  
Emily Geest

Sreekul (Raj) Rajagopal

Doctor of Philosophy in Photonics

Raj is expected to graduate in Spring 2021 with a doctoral degree in Photonics and plans to continue to teach after graduation. He earned the Graduate Dean's Certificate in April 2020.
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Dr. Kathryn Teixeira

Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education

Dr. Teixiera received her doctoral degree in May 2020, and earned the Graduate Dean's Certificate in April 2020. She is currently an Assistant Professor at University of California-Davis.
Kathryn Teixeira

Class of 2019

Dr. Olga Muranova

Doctor of Philosophy in English

Dr. Muranova received her Ph.D. in English (with a specialization in TESOL/Applied Linguistics) from Oklahoma State University in 2019 and she was the first awardee of the Graduate Dean's Certificate in April 2019. Dr. Olga Muranova is currently a Lecturer in the Program in Academic English and ESL at the University of California, Irvine. 
Olga Muranova
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