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What is a Plan of Study?


A Plan of Study serves as a contract between a student and the university. Graduate education at OSU is highly personalized. Your Plan of Study is the blueprint for successful completion of your degree requirements.

Deadline for submitting your Plan of Study to the OSU Graduate College:


  • The original Plan of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College prior to the completion of the second semester (excluding summer sessions) of enrollment for a Master’s degree.


Graduate students submitting their first original Plan of Study

should use the new Online Plan of Study application. The online application is an interactive web form designed to make the process of completing and submitting more transparent and prevent common mistakes. The link to the online Plan of Study can be found at the Graduate College website, along with other FAQ.


For recommendations on progression through the MPH program, visit the Plan of Study Templates page. Templates for the following plans are provided:


  • Dual-degree 12 month plan
  • Summer start 18 month plan
  • Fall start 21 month plan
  • Summer start 24 month plan
  • Fall start 24 month plan


MPH students must complete all degree requirements within seven calendar years after their initial registration. Creating a Plan of Study will assist in falling within the program deadline.


Note: To remain in good academic standing, all students must earn a B or higher in each course of the MPH or Public Health Certificate program. 

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