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Research is the foundation of any great university. The Master of Public Health program at Oklahoma State University supplies students with the tools, documents, and resources needed to fulfill desired research concerns and enhance the importance of continued study in public health areas. Our faculty has expertise and scholarly work across a variety of areas, including:   


Alcohol & Other Drug Use

Julie M. Croff, PhD


Health Communications

 Xuewei Chen, PhD

James D. Hess, EdD


Mental Health

Rachel H. Messer, PhD

Sue C. Jacobs, PhD


Physical Activity

Bridget M. Miller, PhD


Sexual Health

Zach Giano, PhD

Randolph D. Hubach, PhD, MPH

Carlos Mahaffey, PharmD, MPH

Kelley Rhoads, PhD

Child & Adolescent Health

Julie M. Croff, PhD

Zach Giano, PhD

James D. Hess, EdD



Micah Hartwell, PhD

Barbara J. Stoecker, PhD


Animal Pathogens

 Jared D. Taylor, DVM, MPH, PhD

Visit the OSU System Directory to find faculty CVs, or visit the OSU Library to search for publications.

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