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Over 1700 graduate students finance their graduate education at OSU through employment as Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants. Explore other ways to offset the cost of your education, including scholarships through your graduate program, Graduate College and national fellowships, and other funding mechanisms. 

Ways to Finance Your Graduate Education


OSU is a research-extensive (R1) university and graduate students play a vital role in its teaching, research, and outreach missions. Assistantships are typically offered through a student's graduate program.  Students should contact their program for more information. General information on assistantships can be found in the link above. 


Scholarships provide financial support and do not need to be repaid. Most graduate student scholarships at OSU are awarded by the student's graduate program. Students are invited to contact their program for more information. Information about these scholarships and the deadlines for applying can be found by contacting the program. Click on scholarships above for information about other scholarships offered by sponsors outside of Oklahoma State.


A fellowship provides financial support to graduate students to pursue graduate studies. Fellowships are generally merit-based or project-based and may be internal or external awards to support full-time students in their course of study. The link above provides information on just some of the fellowships available to graduate students.


Grants are a source of federal, state or private funding designated for costs associated with research or other approved activities. The grant may include funds for an assistantship, research materials and supplies, tuition, or other related costs. Eligibility for grants is stipulated by the funding source. 

Working on Campus

The student worker is an employed student who is not on an assistantship. This constitutes an employer-employee status within the Oklahoma State University system and workers are compensated based on time worked. Student worker positions are available in a wide range of areas across campus. Open positions can often be found in the Hire OSU Grads system and accessed by current students.


Loans are funds that are borrowed to help pay for educational expenses. They may originate from federal or private sources. Federal law sets the maximum interest rates and fees can be charged for a federally-guaranteed education loan. Private loans (sometimes called alternative loans) are not part of the federal government guaranteed student loan program, and can be more costly. To learn more about loans follow this link.


Awards and other forms of recognition are given across campus. The Graduate College sponsors several awards each year, and these awards are given in conjunction with a monetary prize.

Tuition & Fees 

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