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Graduate Research Assistant- GRA*

A graduate research assistant (GRA) must be admitted to a graduate program, enrolled, and be under the supervision of a graduate faculty member.  GRAs are provided a stipend and their primary responsibilities are to support the University's research mission.  These responsibilities may or may not relate directly to the student's thesis or dissertation research.  Duties of the GRA usually include applying and mastering research concepts, practices, and methods of scholarship. Services provided by a GRA may include: assisting faculty members in research, creative or scholarly activities; performing degree-related professional or administrative services that supports the research, instruction, professional development, or outreach missions; developing and evaluating instructional materials or curricula; or assuming responsibility for designated scholarly endeavors. “Performing degree-related professional or administrative services” does not include tasks that are outside of the student's field of study.

Graduate Teaching Assistant- GTA*

A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) must be a graduate degree program, enrolled, and be under the supervision of an appropriate graduate faculty member. In consultation with the supervisor, the GTA works to gain instructional skills and an increased understanding of the discipline. GTAs are provided a stipend and their primary responsibilities are to support the University's instructional mission.  Services provided by a GTA may include: classroom or laboratory teaching; advising and mentoring of students; proctoring examinations; grading papers, homework, and/or projects; accompanying/coaching musical or vocal performances, providing artistic instruction or assisting with preparation and management of materials and programs that are utilized in imparting knowledge or in the instructional process; or providing other general assistance in the instructional process.  A GTA may be assigned primary responsibilities in an extension, outreach, or service role for which those responsibilities support the instructional mission of the University. GTAs may not be given duties to support faculty research or those primarily clerical in nature.


*If you are in need of a reasonable accommodation in your employment as a GTA/GRA, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at or visit the EO website:  Note that an employment-based accommodation is different than an academic accommodation which is handled by Student Accessibility Services at or visit the website:

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