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To receive tuition waiver benefits, a graduate student must be enrolled full time and in a qualifying appointment: employed in a 0.50 FTE position for the academic calendar term or session (e.g., 17 weeks in the fall semester). However, there are extraordinary and rare circumstances that merit Graduate College review for potential tuition waiver eligibility where the student does not meet the length of employment qualification. Typical circumstances that will be reviewed are as follows: (1) delay in arrival (e.g., Visa issues); (2) the graduate advisor has received new funding with a beginning date after the term has started (3) the graduate student has been tuition waiver eligible for the past two regular semesters (i.e., fall and spring), has successfully completed all of the degree requirements within the first six weeks of the term, and needs to depart the university early (e.g., employment) or (4) a graduate student is offered an assistantship from a department that is not the same as their academic department.

On the tuition waiver exception request form below, the graduate student, in consultation with the graduate advisor and/or program coordinator, should provide brief details about the request as follows:


  • For the circumstances denoted in (1), delay in arrival, denote what the issue was, when the graduate student arrived and enrolled and when the qualifying employment started or will start. Typical delays would not extend beyond the last day to enroll for a given semester/session.

  • For the circumstance denoted in (2), a new funding source, provide the following information: project name, funding source name, project PI name and beginning date. Please note that if tuition waiver eligibility is permitted, the waiver amount will be prorated with respect to the remaining weeks in the term unless employment is continuous into the next term. For example, if a GRA is available on a new grant at the beginning of the October 1 of the fall semester and the GRA is appointed from that point through May 31, the full tuition wavier benefit would apply for the fall semester. However, if the GRA appointment is through the end of the fall semester 10/17 or 59% of the tuition waiver amount would be applied.

  • For the circumstance denoted in (3), degree completion, it is expected that the graduate student is primarily enrolled in thesis or dissertation hours. Include current enrollment information.

  • The last option involves an assistantship offer outside the realm of the student's graduate program


Tuition Waiver Exception Request form

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