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English Proficiency

for Graduate Admissions

As a condition of admission to graduate study at OSU, all persons for whom English is a second language are required to present proof of English competency regardless of the number of semesters or terms completed at OSU or in other institutions of higher education. A waiver of this requirement can be obtained for students who have completed a baccalaureate or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, at which English is the primary language of instruction, located in a country in which English is a recognized primary language. Note, however, that proof of specific English proficiency through the submission of test scores, such as the Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) scores, or additional testing may be still necessary if employment as a graduate teaching assistant is desired. Graduate programs may have additional requirements.


Proof of English competency can be in the form of an official TOEFL, PTE Academic or IELTS (academic stream) score. Scores must be from an examination taken within the last two years. Minimum requirements are TOEFL 79 iBT, 53 PTE Academic or 6.5 IELTS academic stream.


Applicants who present a TOEFL score of at least 61 iBT, but less than 79 iBT (or an IELTS academic stream score of 6.0) and who demonstrate unusual academic promise may be admitted to graduate study on conditional status upon petition to the Graduate College by the graduate program. Such applicants admitted with conditional status  must successfully complete a minimum of 12 weeks of study at an intensive English program approved by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education State Regents. At least two-thirds (eight weeks) of the 12 weeks must be instruction at an advanced level. You may contact the Graduate College at for a list of approved intensive English programs.

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