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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Application

Welcome to Oklahoma State University graduate program online application. You can complete your application by following these simple steps:
1.    Create A New Account
2.    Complete the application
3.    Submit required support documents
4.    Pay the application fee


How To Apply

Please create an application account by clicking here.  If you already have a CollegeNET account, you may use it to apply for all Oklahoma State University graduate programs. The same application is used for degree and non-degree seeking purposes.   (For example: graduate certificates, master’s, specialist and doctoral programs, non-degree or additional coursework, and for continuing education credit).

Holders of baccalaureate or first professional degrees from colleges and universities of recognized standing are eligible to seek admission to the Graduate College.

Be sure to have the following information ready:
  • Your name exactly as it appears on official documents, e.g., transcripts, GRE reports, passports
  • Your email, correspondence (postal or mailing) and current (physical) address.
  • The graduate program you wish to apply (see listing of graduate programs)
  • The semester you intend to begin your graduate studies
  • Your academic history: name(s) and attendance dates (month/year) of all universities and colleges attended and the degrees you have been or will be awarded
  • Electronic file(s) for bachelor’s degree(s) conferred or pending and for any graduate or professional coursework or degrees for upload
  • Some programs require uploads of transcripts for all college-level courses and degrees (check here to see if the program that you are apply for requires additional transcripts)
  • Some programs require letter of recommendation (see letter of recommendation requirements for your program)
  • For applicants whose native language is not English, you may be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores (see if you are required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score)
  • Some graduate programs require standardized test scores (verify what tests and scores the program requires)
  • Some graduate programs require additional materials such as statements of purpose or goals, writing samples or vitas (check here to see if the program that you are apply for requires additional materials)
  • For international applicants expecting to be F1 or J1 visa holders, a Financial Guarantee (Confirmation of Financial Resources) is required prior to our being able to send an I-20 or DS-2019 to applicants offered admission.)
  • Credit card or electronic check information for application payment

Please prepare a document file for each item (transcripts, statements of purpose, etc.) that will be uploaded to complete your application (only file types accepted are: .jpg, .tif, .png, .pdf, .gif, .doc, .docx or .txt).  You will be instructed in the online application when each document needs to be uploaded.




All applicants, including Oklahoma State University students, must upload a copy of their transcript for bachelor’s degree(s) conferred or pending and for any graduate or professional coursework or degrees. If you do not have a copy of your transcript(s), please obtain and upload these prior to finalizing your application.

Uploading your transcript with baccalaureate degree conferred or pending is most important to expedite review of your application. Submitting your application without transcripts will delay review of your application. However, please do not email or send copies of your transcripts to the Graduate College that you will upload with your application.

In addition, some programs require uploads of transcripts for all college-level courses and degrees (check here to see if the program that you are apply for requires additional transcripts).


The graduate program you are applying to may require two to four letters of recommendation (see if letters of recommendation requirements for your program).  Please contact references prior to beginning your application and obtain their current and preferred email address. Correct entry of email addresses for your references is required for completing and submitting your application.

Some programs require applicants to enter their test scores for standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT, or MAT on the online application (check here to see if test scores are required for your program). You are also required to request that official copies for these tests be reported from the testing agency to OSU. For the GRE, GMAT and TOEFL tests, only electronically reported scores are accepted (OSU's institution code is 6546).

Language Requirements

An applicant who has or will have completed a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a college or university where English is the primary teaching language, and which is located in a country where English is a primary language, is not required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score.

Applicants for whom English is a second language are required to demonstrate an acceptable level of spoken English usually by submitting a TOEFL or IELTS score. A TOEFL score of 79 (internet based test) 550 (paper based test) is required. The TOEFL institution code for OSU is 6546.

Alternatively, an official IELTS, academic stream, examination with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 will satisfy the English proficiency requirements for admission to a graduate program. Either examination must have been taken within the last two years.

Some departments require a score above the minimum 79/550 on the TOEFL or 6.5 on the IELTS.

Additional Requirements

Students, who score at least 42 on the combined Reading and Listening portions, with a score of at least 20 in each section, are not required to enroll in any remedial coursework.

Students who score less than this on the Reading and Listening portions of the TOEFL (irrespective of the score on the Written portion) are required to enroll in ENGL 0003 during their first semester. ENGL 0003 carries a grade of S/U and may not be used toward minimum degree requirements. Students must enroll in ENGL 0003 each semester until a grade of S is earned.

Students who score at or above the minimum score(s) on the Reading and Listening portion of the TOEFL, but less than 22 on the Writing portion, are required to enroll in ENGL 4893* at some point in their studies. ENGL 4893* carries graduate credit and may be used toward minimum degree requirements; a grade of B or better in this course is required. Both ENGL 0003 and ENGL 4893*, as applicable, must be listed on the student's Plan of Study

Students who have completed the IELTS, or the paper-based TOEFL have different requirements

Spoken English Proficiency for Employment

OSU policy requires all persons who are non-native English speaking to demonstrate an acceptable level of spoken English before being employed in an instructionally related capacity, including laboratory assignments. Graduate students who serve only as laboratory assistants (e.g., setting up and/or maintaining equipment) are not required to comply with the provisions of this section.

More information about the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) test can be found here.

You do not need to complete the entire application at one time.  You may begin the application, save it, and return to it later; however, the earlier you complete and submit your application, the sooner it can be reviewed.

To facilitate timely review of your application and ensure your application receives full consideration, please complete and submit your application at least 30 days prior to the program’s deadline to allow sufficient time for your letter of recommendation writers to submit their letters on your behalf. Applicants who submit their application without all required materials, such as transcripts, resumes, writing samples, should be aware their application cannot be reviewed until it is complete (application deadlines for your program can be found here). If your program does not have a deadline or preferred date listed, then your application must be complete with transcripts, other required materials and letters of recommendation present by February 1st for fall semester admission, July 1st for spring semester admission or January 1st for summer session admission.

The most complete and up-to-date status of your submitted application can be viewed by logging into your account (click here) and viewing the checklist. Please use this portal to check your application status (phone calls and emails to the Graduate College to check the status of your application will delay our processing of applications).

You will pay your non-refundable application fee online.  Your data and payment will be submitted over a secure connection.  
The application fees for each application submitted are:
$50 U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Card holder (degree seeking or graduate certificate application)
$25 U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Card holder (non-degree seeking application)
$75 International Applicants (degree or non-degree seeking or graduate certificate application)
Once submitted, the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
Checks or money orders mailed to our office are not acceptable.

Our online forms use SSL encryption to protect your data while it is being transmitted to our server.

You can view your application and check for completeness and status here: Review Your Activity

Please see our Frequently Ask Questions.  Additional information is provided there.