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Professional Development Competencies

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Professional Development Competencies

OSU 360° Competencies include: Communications, Instruction, Leadership, Research Services, Wellness, Management.

  1. Communication — the ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and engaging manner whether it be through oral or written communication. Activities from writing workshops to Three Minute competitions and publishing your scholarly work are just a few of the professional development activities that will help you enhance your communication skills and earn a digital badge in communication.

  1. Instruction — knowledge of learning modes and instructional strategies to communicate information, concepts and understandings to students or other trainees are invaluable. Whether your intent is on a career in higher education or another field that requires you to train others, working on digital badges in instruction will help you to develop skills and gain experience while building out your portfolio.

  1. Leadership — engaging in community and professional organizations provides opportunities to become more self-aware, develop the skills to think strategically, and inspire others. These and other skills required to be an effective leader will be enhanced as you work your way through the three levels of digital badges in leadership.
  1. Research Services — understanding information, concepts and having the ability to utilize technologies to support research endeavors will help ensure that you are prepared for the next steps in your research career. Enhance these skills and certify them by receiving your digital badges in research services.
  1. Wellness — appreciating the importance of personal wellness, including physical, mental, social well-being, and incorporating activities to enhance your overall health can significantly impact your career success and quality of life. A wide variety of activities from exercise classes, special training sessions and workshops are available to earn your digital badges in wellness.
  1. Management — understanding and applying techniques for the best use of time and finances as well as successful development of relationships and careers are major determinants of career success. Hone these skills as you work from Level 1 to Level 3 in management.
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