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Three Minute Challenge (3MC)


Looking for a fun and creative way to convey the importance of your research to the public?

The 3MC is OSU’s latest take on the impactful 3 Minute Thesis© competition, but without requiring a live presentation and most of the constraints. Students will still only have 3 minutes to convey the importance of their idea, research or discipline to a public audience, but with the freedom that a video format offers. The 3MC challenges individual students or small teams of students to sing it, read a poem about it, dance it…but to use their creativity to communicate the significance of their work in a video!

Your idea can be anything that is directly related to your graduate studies. These ideas can be original thoughts, research or scholarship that come from you or basic or cutting edge ideas from others in your discipline (appropriately acknowledged). However, most importantly, your video will help the audience be engaged, informed and amazed!


Who can participate? Any currently enrolled graduate student can enter, individuals or teams (maximum of 5 currently enrolled graduate students).

What do you do?  Create a 3 minute video on a topic related to your graduate studies which helps a public audience appreciate the work you are doing and how it matters to society. Unlike other three minute competitions, there are few “rules” other than the video can only be three minutes long, it has to relate to the student’s or team’s graduate studies, and the video has to be original to the presenter or their team.

How can you create your video?  So, you are not a professional videographer or haven’t done something like this before?  Your video can be as high tech or low tech as you want to go.  Videos can be created simply using a smartphone, or in a more professional manner.  The Edmon Low Library has equipment students can check out (cameras, tripods, and microphones), as well as facilities (need a green screen to bring your vision to life?) and software is available for editing and producing your 3MC video. For more information go to:

Deadline for submitting your video: March 31, 2019

Submission logistics:  We will begin accepting submissions March 10th. To submit your video, go here.  Then upload your video (mp4 format recommended). In the comment box, include the name and CWID of all team members and the category (see here). If you utilize the Arc option, remember to select display download link so that we will be able to share your video with the judges.

For any questions, please email


Other Information

Judging and Prizes:  A panel of judges will select the top videos from each of the six categories:  biological sciences, arts and humanities, physical sciences, social sciences, education, and biomedical sciences.  These videos will be screened at the on April 10th as part of Grad Ed Month at which time the winners will be announced. (Copyright for the finalist videos must be assigned to the OSU Graduate College as a condition for finalist selection). For teams, the award amounts will be divided equally among the team members.

3MC Prize info 2019

Prize info:

1st place: $1,000 individual or $750 per team member

2nd place: $750 individual or $500 per team member

3rd place: $500 individual or $250 per team member

People’s Choice: $750 either individual or per team member

We welcome individual and team entries, teams of up to 5 graduate students