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ITP Symposium Awards

Platform Winners

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Shauni Windle

Effect of atrazine on development of the native amphibian Acris blanchardi (Blanchard's cricket frog)


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Debarati Chanda

Repeated, ultralow-level oral chlorpyrifos exposures elicit paradoxical increases in serine hydrolase activities and modify the gut microbiome


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Katie Oswalt

Developing a tissue-engineered eye model to test an ocular drug delivery system



Poster Winners

First Place: Hallum Ewbank (UCO)-- The physiological effect of moderate urbanization on song sparrows
Second Place: Justin Leuga (UCO)-- Does parental exposure to Deepwater Horizon crude oil impact offspring development in birds?
Third Place: Sarah Hileman-- Toxicology for museum application: the case of the pink Peromyscus
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