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Who we are

GSIT is an official student organization registered through Oklahoma State University CampusLink and a full member of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association (GPSGA).



The purpose of this organization shall be to serve as an organized forum for the exchange of ideas amongst members of the Graduate Society, as well as an opportunity to increase awareness of the field of interdisciplinary toxicology amongst the Oklahoma State University student body. (from constitution)



Membership in the Graduate Society requires full-time enrollment at OSU, participation in the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Certificate program, as well as a graduate GPA of 3.25. Voting members of the Graduate Society must be students of the University in good standing as defined in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Statement. Oklahoma State University does not permit the exclusion of membership to any person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin or sex.  Honorary or associate membership may be granted to undergraduate students or non-students, but they may not have any voting rights or hold office. (from constitution).


Meeting Minutes

GSIT Officers

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